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this eclipse or android studio ?

I’m using eclipse :)

Like the idea, good work. But child can just uninstall the app. Good luck with the sales.

you have to active the app first so your child cant uninstalled it.

Only apk in files included?

apk and simple documentation

Is the source code is available?

what do you mean “available”?

hi any way to made this app unable to be unistallled I like but need to lock the phone so I give it to client with my custom app, also can you export to android studio thank you great work

i still dont understand what you mean, can you explain it clearly? yeah i will it in android studio soon.

ok super!! do you do freelance work I need a custom rom + you app

it depends on the requirements. Can you give me the detail of your project?

please email: emirkipang@gmail.com

untuk dibuild jadi alarm setiap waktu sholat bisa tidak bpk? saya sedang membutuhkan jika tidak atau ada referensi saya tolong diberi tahu. terimakasih

pasti bisa cuman untuk modifikasi source code saya tidak menyediakan. Mungkin mas bisa menambahkan fitur itu ketika sudah di purchase :)

terima kasih.

hi, the source code is available for modification? in the case the no is available. which is the price for source code.

if you want the source code, you can purchase it. Thanks

does this come as only the .apk or with the source-code for you to modify I am interested in buying

it is also with the source code sir.

Regards, Emir

hi does this still work with api 23 (Android 6) ? i guess it works only until 5.0 ?

really? i think i haven’t update it.

İf ı buy from codecanyon can I change design and Language ?

Of course you can if you allowed by the owner, and now i m the owner of this app, and i said “yes”.


If you use android studio I’ll buy it

i’m still using eclipse, still dont have time to update it to android studio.. but i think you can convert it from eclipse to android studio in the eclipse ide.


Ok, please let me know when you update it to android studio, thanks


Upoa Purchased

Great app concept! I was wondering if your app would allow “WIFI” as an unlocked app people can use? I’d like to provide them access so they can connect via WIFI at different hot spots. Thanks,


Upoa Purchased


help me !!!! error: No resource identifier found for attribute ‘adSize’ in package ‘com.emirkipang.androidparentalcontrol’ error: No resource identifier found for attribute ‘adUnitId’ in package ‘com.emirkipang.androidparentalcontrol’ error: No resource identifier found for attribute ‘adSize’ in package ‘com.emirkipang.androidparentalcontrol’ error: No resource identifier found for attribute ‘adUnitId’ in package ‘com.emirkipang.androidparentalcontrol’

can it run on android studio ?


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Hi, how can I remove Add from the application. It show some FB Add on main screen


alexk66 Purchased

There is no support for purchased users. Great


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it can be set a timer to lock the app? like the opposite of your example lock fb for 15, just use fb for 15 min and the app to lock it after?