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I’m not sure I understand how this works, as I’m a novice. If I have a long page of a bunch of articles, can I simply add this and it will turn that long page into short, pagenation’ed pages?

Or do I require some javascript and/or ajax knowledge?

All of you have to do in javascript is to describe how to render paginated data. The paginator chunks your data into pages and display pages links, but how you want to display your data that’s a little javascript than you have to provide. You can see some examples online.

is it responsive ?

As I said, you provide your own code to render data (in order to make the “item” fully customizable), that code can be responsive or not, please refer to for more explanation.

Very Nice.. One small suggestion.. when you fade out the table during the loading/update, you should leave the pag bar visible..

Thank you so much for your suggest, I will make some graphics improvement in the next version.

Great tool. any chance to xml support?

Yes, in upcoming versions.

hi sir, theres a chance to show just next and prev buttons?

Hi sir, In this version it’s not possible, but I’m preparing a new version in which I will add some new features and certainly I will add this option.

To the next version :)

thx sir


Is it possible to use this inside of a tab ?

I have a page where i am calling a list of posts from custom posts, my question is, can i create pagination inside the tabs with this plugin ?

I will assist you just let me see your web page.

Hi. Thank you. Here is a link.

I’m trying to create pagination inside the “Guestbook” tab

Please let me know what to do

First you have to encode data in this tab to JSON, some thing like this: {img: ’/pah/image’, description:’ description text’}


I test the version ajax, but I obtain this error:

SyntaxError: missing ] after element list

Do you have an idea?

An example of the getCountries.json file?

My file contains:
[data:[{"id":"1","name":"Afghanistan","capital":"Kabul","currency":"AFN","phone_code":"+93","code":"AFG","code2":"AF"},],results: 500]

Thanks! Mick

Really I don’t understand your problem, is it due to a nor found http 404 ? Did you propose some corrections?

In fact, it is right a suggestion.

But, if your script could integrate a jQuery Ajax Error Handling Function for to debug in the next update, it would be really interesting!

For example:
$(function() {
        error: function(jqXHR, exception) {
            if (jqXHR.status === 0) {
                alert('Not connect.n Verify Network.');
            } else if (jqXHR.status == 404) {
                alert('Requested page not found. [404]');
            } else if (jqXHR.status == 500) {
                alert('Internal Server Error [500].');
            } else if (exception === 'parsererror') {
                alert('Requested JSON parse failed.');
            } else if (exception === 'timeout') {
                alert('Time out error.');
            } else if (exception === 'abort') {
                alert('Ajax request aborted.');
            } else {
                alert('Uncaught Error.n' + jqXHR.responseText);

Ok, thank you I will add that in the next version, but I have made a more global handler, “fail function” when you know that is a 404 HTTP there is not really important to raise an alert your navigator will show you the error :-)

Hi! Thank you for great tool. But i have a question. Using tool with json data with custom format:
"n_results": "1541",
All ok with “features”. But can i recieve other data (t_results, n_results) while render the list?

I am so sorry, I just saw your message,I’m not sure I understood your question but, in your render function you receive your json data us received from ajax request plus the paginator object “function(result, spaginator)”.

Hi. Thank you for reply. In spaginator object i dont see ‘n_result’. My qustion in other words: when i use data in custom format i see only “features” tree and dont see parallel tree.

Hi, you must see your json data in the first paramter, can I see your code or a page example, you can send me a private message.

Is it possible to provide a URL where your data is at in JSON format?

Sorry to reply too late, when you provide an URL that’s mean you are using ajax as data source, however when you provide a JSON array that’s mean your data source is this array, you cannot define two data source at the same time :) hope I understand your question.

Is there an option to allow sorting for the json result?

Looks nice! GLWS