Simple Paginator

Simple Paginator

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Simple Paginator is a lightweight javascript tool based on jQuery, it helps you to create javascript pagination easily and quickly. It can be bind to an ajax or static json data source. it allows you to paginate a list, grid or stream. You can also add parameters to your query in order to make some filters or sorts. Simple Paginator offers a set of ready to use skins to save you more time in writing custom css.

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  Paginate list of items, grid, stream, slider…
  Use it with Ajax or static array.
  Customize Ajax query, add parameters to make filters or sorts.
  Customize the Ajax loader.
  Controle Ajax cache.
  Customize pages bar.
  Customize the page size.
  Inject css to make more advanced pagination styles.
  Customize displayed pages links.
  Ready to use pagination skins.
  Three different buttons sizes. new
  Control first and last buttons. new
  Control previouse and next buttons. new
  Control pages buttons. new
  Use Simple Paginator functions/events for advanced use.
  Adapt Simple Paginator to your server response.
  Adapt Ajax request to your server requirements.

  • 05/26/2014 version 1.6: best control for pagination buttons
    three sizes for pagination buttons “large”, “medium” and “standard”
  • 12/29/2013 version 1.5: loader bug correction
  • 12/18/2013 version 1.0