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Your demo doesn’t work. I need to see the demo in action before I consider a purchase.

It’s working now, sorry about that.

need to eliminate that ‘interface complete’. The first time it startled the crap out of me because my audio was cranked, the second time I tolerated it, the third time I left.

Lol very true

Few questions.

Is it possible to set this slider up to do a text overlay of the image? For example show the image then click next and it shows the image with a text overlay on top of it.

Does it do a refresh on each slide change either whole page or JS refresh?

Can it go to the next post in category at the end of the multi-page post?

No text overlay at the moment. It refreshes the whole page on every slide. You can add a link to your next post on the last slide.

please fix the demo. i want to check it before I consider a purchase. thanks

It’s now fixed. I also submitted an update to the script. Should be available in a couple days.

Hi, I wonder if I can replace the NEXT & PREV button with my own image? Nice plugin, let me know.

Wouldn’t be hard to edit the code in the plugin.

In fact, you might be able to use CSS and attach your images using the :after property, while hiding the text.

Hi there. I’ve made a support request days ago and asked again for input, but no response so far. So I’m trying here :)

The plugin has conflicts with both design and other plugins it seems – with a blank post as a result. Just so you all are aware.

If fixed I’ll update here as well.

Give it a try with the latest plugin. 99% of problems are because you have existing JS errors on your site. Check your console for JS errors, and fix those before activating plugin.

Hello there, Thanks for the wonderful slideshow plugin. I browsed the web for such a plugin but was unluck at ever attempt until I found “Simple Multi-Page Slideshow”. It does exactly what I wanted and I had to purchase it. The customization is great except for a few things. 1: Hard Cropping images (even when the option is not set). I wouldn’t like my images cropped, I would like them to just be resized to a specified width and that’s it. That would help me do the positioning myself according the image height. 2: (Not so much of an issue) ... but it would be very great if the plugin didn’t load the entire page but loads the image instead—on each view. 3: Could there be a possibility of adding ADs as part of the slide? 4: Can the slideshow be separated from the article so that it can be reused in the future—with probably a shortcode. I find it very odd that it is part of the post being published.

Hi, I just bought this product last night. Now that we’re back in the office, we’ve realized that it does not meet our needs. Will you please refund us?

Please send in an email request to hello@en.gg – thanks

Hello. We just purchased this item today. Is there any documentation that shows how this should be set up in a post on Wordpress? we have added a few slides within the WP post, but they do not show up. Have to be missing a step but cannot figure out what it is.

Hi, usually Javascript errors on the site are to blame. Did you check your javascript console for any errors? You can email me at hello@en.gg to continue support. Thanks

Hi guys, do you have a working demo available at the moment?

Is this plugin compatible with current version of WP?