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have a source code? .NET framework?

Another program like mine, it seems you like my work :)

Nice item. Bookmarked this page so I can buy the item when I will need it.

Your program is rubbish, does not respect the proportions in percent

My program is not rubbish , you must put the dimension in pixel not in percent …..

New version is up now you can resize using procent

ok, thans i will be waiting

Hi there DEV,

Great app and exactly what i need :) One question / suggestion though , it would be great if you could make it handle proportions in percent and rename the images…

Could you make it do that ? Currently i have seen two good applications that handle image re-sizing (including your) but both do what the other doesn’t… giz!


thanks , i will add your suggestion soon in next version !

New version up :)

... and the Winner is… mikyboss

Seen your video and noticed that in the end you got tired to check, re-check and redo… :) very straightforward and fast app though! it’s worthy of your time and dedication, well done!

Will keep an eye on you though, just to see what other ideas you got in mind :)

Also, i’m not much of a developer but i have lots of ideas to share if you like ;) let me know whenever you got some spare time.


Hi, after download is not posible to install your aplication. Simple multi pic resizer.exe 40kb. Can provide antoher download link?

go to my profile page and use the function from bottom “email to mikyboss”

Hi, please answer email! i send you the attachment

Hi , please check your email , i saw your attachment but is not relevant please click on “What data does this error report contain ?” then send me again a screenshot

Beautiful work GLWS