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cannot test, not receive the message

problems with SMS provider. Fixed now, please try again

i can send images, audio and documents on chat? can create groups?

Currently this feature is not supported but you can create groupchats

I think there is nothing much expensive, if you are worth doing the project.


can we customize all codes as we wish ? backend on front are opensource ?

Good day, Yes you can customize

Hi I tried to used the demo and I added contacts on two phones but the app said “This person is not using the Messenger Yet” but both person have the app ready en their phone, Why happened that? I want to buy the app

Make sure you entered phone numbers including country codes then just resync your contacts on both phones. Its in top right corner of the screen.

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I bought the chat yesterday Unfortunately he does not work … I have an api key gotten and inserted it into the app …

If I want to register with my phone number I get no sms to activate …

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I have sent them a message about their profile …

Hi hi I bought the complete chat with serverbacking … The costs for the simple Messenger are too high for me … I delete my api key MojoMessenger again …

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Everything is we are not going to charge you and thank you for purchase.

Hello, is still available this item? I have face problem about networking conexcion when I download it from Play store, and which is the diference between this and Messaging System ?, thank you.

how can I test it…I mean see the the functions once login…do you have apk ?

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Hello, If SMS are disabled, then for what is the app ? we have to test the app, for this I need login ! please tell me a solution asap ! . Thank you

1.do you have voice & video call ,2.if I buy would you able reskin to have my app name & logo since no knowledge about coding -thanks.

1. no. 2. We are not making freelance jobs for apps.

I would like to buy to syncronize with my website https://bresdel.com but even with the demo it does not work well. can we help me?

Unfortunately this app is not supported. Sorry for the inconvenience provided.