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nowifun Purchased

Hi, I have bought this script. Now every page is showing 404. Sometimes it works and sometimes it shows 404. Can you please check youtubes.pk? thanks


Make sure to setup the Youtube API key. Check this video for more info:


Once you setup the API key, put in the file includes/Config.php

Could you fix the mobile and tablet version. Why is it big like the computer version? It doesn’t fit the screen right and has a lot of space that shouldn’t be there


It works fine on my mobile device. Which device did you test?

your script create sitemap ?

google is spam flagged ?

yout script is google and other search engine spam flag ?


No. It depends on how you use it

My website using this script just got manual action penalty from google which is : Thin content with little or no added value , and my website was erased from google entirely. :( . How do i fix this?


You need to create custom pages with articles ans other posts as well.

Hello I want to add a video section for http://viraltalks.com . but the thing is i want to add in a folder not in subdomain. Can you please tell me if any conflict will happen in url structure?

viraltalks built on core PHP also.


No problem. Just install the script in a folder and that is it.

Hi, I am interested but was wondering will you be able to modify it for me once I buy it (of course, I’ll pay separately for the modification).

The modification is about how pages are being created/published (it should pass the filters before to get published).

Please let me know if it’s something you can do so I won’t need to hire a freelancer for it. You’d do it faster and hopefully cheaper since you know your script better.



Sorry for the delay, I am currently on vacation. Yes I do freelance. You can contact via email using the contact form on my profile for more info.

Contacted. Thanks.