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Hey ,,, good work. I want to ask how can i change the directory of protected files ??

Thank you for your useful software for php. I have 1 problem in your software. Desktop Pc is Ok for function. but it is not function in Gelexy Note 2 (Samsung).

Even I put this following script at the head of php document.

<?php require (’./script/logincheck.php’); ?>

There is login and logout is free. What happen ? Is there any way to use this to Samsung Gelexy Note 2 too ?

Thank your for reading this message.

Steve Herbasd

It means, even I put this scrip ”<?php require (’./script/logincheck.php’); ?>” at the top of the file that I want to protect, there was no function at i-phone or Galexy Note.

Is there any idea ?

Please answer me as soon as possible.

I find out there is another problem again. Even Your Simple Login is not function at “Chrom” too.

Is there any idea ?

I find out there is no function at all in the browse of “FIRE FOX” and “OPERA” too.

Hi, I’m thinking of buying your product but have a couple of quetions.

1/ Can I customize the login page with logo and color scheme? 2/ Can I set up multiple user accounts?


Is this script still supported by the author?

Appears to be Abandonware

can this plugin be added to any page/post/catagory ?

Is this script still supported? because i tried a demo but the login does not work.

Thank you Ronnie