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Does this allow you to collect payments from your clients?

the freelance administrator is only person that will do a payment, the client only could check their current payments but administrators will see all, thanks!

So there is not any processing gateway here that will allow a customer to pay an invoice from within this project manager? How can you collect payments through the site like paypal?

no for now, the project module don’t collect payments through paypal or some likely site, i’ve considering this for the second version, thanks!

demo is unreachable

sorry my webhosting have some troubles :( thanks for notify me

Demo doesn’t work

sorry my webhosting have some troubles :( thanks for notify me

I don’t like how the pages are laid out. Everything else looks great though. GL with sales

thanks bro, I appreciate your comment, good insights

demo account?

it’s by default, just press Login or Enter, you could try the Google login auth too, but remember for this you need create a user with gmail account, it’s really easy.


Very good, interface is very simple, Greetings ;)

Thanks bro, i glad you like it

Sorry if I missed it, but is there a sample of how this looks from the clients end?

Also, are elements pretty easily controlled through PHP /CSS or is it difficult to make changes to the layout?

Thanks – looks great!

The interface for clients is the same, but the app only show the content filtered by specific client, this apply for all modules, example: if you share a file using the forum module, administrators will see all the topics & files shared but a specific client only will see the file that have shared.


by the way, the code is very simple & easy to make changes on the interface layout, this is really great!

thanks bro!

I never like anything when i see the words “lightweight”... It usually means cut-down, missing components, missing features, incomplete…....

“Comprehensive” is a word i would like to hear…

What are your plans for implementing new features from the feedback you have already received?

Thank you

hi, first of all thanks by your feedback i really appreciate it!

i’m gathering all the good comments & suggestions so far & then analyse if we put the efforts and time in a second version or not.

thanks again & regards!

user interface demo?

hi, it’s the same, check it out: you can create a new user & then enter using that user, but don’t forget assign it a project.


sorry, now fix it!

Yes, it is really good, but how to share a file with clients(customer) so that the customer will only allow to download the file ?

sorry by the very late answer, you can share file with your customer throw the forum module, both, will see the file shared and the user admin can filter by client & project for quickly searches


1. Will this work for a Laboratory clinic that want to post Lab reports of their clients online so clients will be able to view and download a PDF (containing their lab tests results) without messing each client with each other, I mean, creating isolated users so only they can see their assigned file for an established period of time.

Im interested in giving them a username and password with expiration of 1 year to view or download their lab test reports but my main concern is security as it is very sensitive data what will be here.


you can share that kind of reports but it doesn’t give you a PDF preview and you can not use expiration share links too, sorry by that, but you gave me new inputs for the next version or new project,

thanks & greetings

Does this support bankable hours? If not do you know a plugin that does?

(Add a client, give them x amount of hours per month, hours “bank” for up x amount of time)

Thank you!

sorry, it doesn’t support that feature, let me do some research and let you know if found something. Thanks

Dear I tried to ask question in my previous email , maybe i was not clear enough,. Here I am writing you again. I have some pre-Purchase questions:

1: How can create projects and assign the employee to the client’s project?

2: Can manager or administrator create and assign one employee to one client and restrict the employee to see other projects, clients and messages ? ofcourse sometimes you do not want your employees to know all of your clients.

3: Does your product provide the branding like to change the logo on the client dashboard, make a post date invoice, etc?

4: Is that possible to show the client balance in client dashboard , sometimes client can pay upfront so they should see the balance in their dashboard to pay the future invoices. Possible?

5: A client should only see his own project and the employee assigned to him. Is that what your product offer ?

6: Do you offer ticket system in the product? Can I client have multiple logins on one project? For example if a client is a company and their two department wants to monitor the project , they can ask for two different login for one account.

5: Do you provide installation services ? Is it free or you will charge?