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Hi there great app, mind to have this. but why does it loose styling upon language change? Any idea?

Thank you. I will look at it and find the reason.

Can you tell me in which browser (also version) is that problem? Beacause I tried the last versions of Opera, Firefox and Chrome and I dont see any problm when I change a language. Thank you.

Very nice work. I look forward to additional new features of the system :)

Add voting accuracy of translation.

Uses for example.

Thank you bednarp. I will consider your suggestion in my next release.

If anyone has also some suggestions for features which should be in next release just write it down to comments and I will include some of them in the next release. :)

How does this application Handle UTF -8 and RTL , and Arabic characters?

I can show you an example of adding arabic words in the site, also, might we preview some code to see your coding formatter.

I hope you will provide great customer support, i just purchased the application.

Hi, thank you for purchase. The database encoding is UTF -8, so it should handle the arabic characters as well.

You can try to add arabic text in Simple Language administration.

If you will have any problems then just you write me a message and I will find the solution as soon as possible.

I am willing to provide a first class customer support.

Hello, can you explain me how use your script in my website based with php and smarty template please? thanks

Hi, it`s pretty easy, I will prepare a short tutorial for you. Check back in hour.

Source code in php file:

require 'connect.php';                                 
include_once 'language.class.php';                      

$language = new Language();
$dict = $language->getDictionary(); 
// lets assume that in this associative array is $dict['language_term'],$dict['translated_text_placeholder']

// Smarty related code
$smarty = new Smarty();

$smarty->assign('dict', $dict);

Source code in Smarty template (index.tpl) to print translated text
<html >
        <title>Smarty test</title>
    <body >
    Printing the translation: {$dict.translated_text_placeholder} 
    Translation of the word language is: {$dict.language_term} 
    </body >
</html >    
This can also help you: As I said before. It`s very simple. All you have to do is:
  1. initialize the Simple Language
  2. assign array $dict into smarty template
  3. print translated text with {$dict.placeholter}
  4. If you will have any other questions I am ready to help you :)

thanks Maros :) Also, it would be really great if you add detect language browser (auto) feature..

Thanks for an idea. This feature is already planned for the next release with some others. Next version will be released at the end of this week (18.11.2012).

Planned new features:
  • automatic generation of language abbreviation (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)
  • new language selectors with Country flags ,combinations of flags with abbreviation, flags with language name
  • automatic language detection from browser

Hello, buyed your product! :)

Thank you :)

New version was released 15.11. 3days ahead of the originaly proposed date. Check demo page for more informations about new features.

Hi Maros37U,

Hope fine, sorry demo isn’t working

Hi CodeTensae,

thank you for info. Demo site is now working again.

just sent you an email

Hi there I just purchased. I have tried installing but get blank screens.

Any Idea?

Hi, thank you for purchasing. Have you tried to install it one more time? (maybe you just skipped some step in installation) Did you try it on localhost or public domain? If it is public plaese send me a link to your installation in private message I would like to check if there is any source code or it is completely blank web page.

Hi, please provide another address than because gmail cant send you an email, thanks.

Sorry, but is there an option to adjust the standart language, if yours isn’t displayed?

Hi, yes, in administration there is a possibility to choose ‘active’ language (active language checkbox). This is what you ned to change. In case of any other questions please write a message and i will surelyhelp you.

Many, many, thanks it works :)

I am glad that i helped :)


I just installed the script, but when I try to use it, something is not working properly.

Take a look at what I mean:

It happens with simplelanguage and the example. Also happens in firefox and chome.

I would like some advise. Thank you.

It looked like a datebase problem.

Hello again,

It seems there was a problem with the creation of the tables. I reimported the sql and now it seems to be working.

Hi, the installation sql script should be fine. I have tested it. Maybe if you could send me the error reports. (what was the problem during installation) so I could analyze the problem for the future.

Well, it works know, after reimporting the sql statements.

One thing I noticed is that you can’t search for the word ‘delete’ inthe language editing page.

The rest works like a charm so far!

Hello, I got it working but now languages with other alphabets show really weird simbols. What could be the cause?

Thanks in advance

I found the solution. For some reason the file lost its codification, so resaving the php with utf 8 + BOM did the trick.

Hi, sorry for last reply. I am glad its working :) . Sometimes when you modify files in some editors it could happen.

any update? Thanks

Hi, Script is doing what was designed to without any bugs. Do you have any specific proposals? :-)

Warning: parse_ini_file() has been disabled for security reasons …

Please tell another way to connect to the db. What do I have to change in the connect.php?

Hi, I will prepare new update without ini file and users will have a possibility to choose to run this script without the ini file. I will release it tomorrow and then you would have to wait day or two for codecanyon approval. It will be better because you will not have to do anything. :-)

Thank you very much :)

You can download new version :)

Are all the languages included in the database. If we input in our default language (say English) it gets translated to the other languages, or do we have to input the translation also?

Hi, no it will not be translated automatically. You have to provide translations to other languages. This system is meant for management of these translations.