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Hello I do like this script and been using it for a while but there is one problem, I would like to know if there is a fix for it.

If you have 5 new terms to delete one after the other one, and that you’re in page 4 our of 10, once the one term gets deleted, it goes back to page 1. Then I have to search to page 4 and scroll again.

Same thing if I search for words and get the list of 5 terms to delete, if I click delete on one of the, It goes back to main page .

Any fix on this ?

Thanks again for your great script.



What I can do is to add a checkbox to each term record + “delete all selected terms” button. In this case you would mark all terms you want to delete and click on “delete all selected terms” button. It would mean that you would be able to delete multiple terms at once. Does this solution fit your needs?

Great script!

One annoying issue: the path to the image folder holding the flags is hardcoded and relative to the main folder of the script. If you include language.class.php in a document outside the script folder (and that is the purpose, right?), flag images won´t appear unless you adapt pathes in language.class.php.

It would be nice to see this issue as setting option in a near future update.

Hi karimun,

I will take a look on this problem.

Hi ,

I purchased your Script , can you explain to me how to setup it on my wordpress site


Owner you not going help me? I still waiting reply my email, I want buy it


I want to use it for displaying phrases in Smarty templates, so I must assign a variable. Do you think that the follow syntac is valid?:
so later on in the template I can use:

Thank you

hello, how can i contact you ,before i buy this one? thanks