Simple Language

Simple Language

Check out the ADMIN DEMO

Very simple to use but feature full script for adding multilanguage support to your existing websites. It has newer been easier. NO LANGUAGE FILES REQUIRED. You define translations with easy to use and intuitive interface. Additional features:

  • Automatic language detection from Browser language
  • Automatic language detection from Browser by user country
  • 18 New language selectors – check out DEMO PAGE
  • New demo page, where are the new features well documented
  • Automatic generation of language abbreviation (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)
SUPPORTS ALSO (every UTF-8 characters):
  • Cyrillic
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
But you can also import language files if you are using them.



  • Possibility to choose if you want to use config.ini file or config.php
  • Reason: Some webhosting companies doesnt allow to use INI files
  • Usage: Simply delete config file which you dont want to use. (Also described in documentation)

Check out the LIVE DEMO

Check out the ADMIN DEMO
Database is refreshed every 10 minutes. So you can make any changes you want. For login use:
  • Login: admin
  • Password: admin
  • Login: demo
  • Password: demo

Simple Language Requirements:

  • Mysql: 5.x
  • PHP: 5.x

Simple Language Installation:

  1. Copy files to your webroot directory
  2. Setup database
  3. Import setup.sql located in packege
  4. Edit config.ini or config.php with your settings
  5. Delete config.ini file if you want to use config.php
  6. DONE
Example of config.ini
// Database Connection
host = localhost
database_name = language_system
username = root
password = ''
unix_websocket = ''

// User creditionals for login                       
;first user login
login[] = admin
password[] = admin

Example of config.php

// Database Connection
$db_host = "localhost";
$db_dbname = "language_system";
$db_username = "root";
$db_password = "";
$db_unix_websocket = "";

// User creditionals for login                       
;first user login
$confogin[] = "admin";
$confpassword[] = "admin";

Simple Language Usage:

Very simple integration to your websites
include_once 'language.class.php';
$languageInfo = new Language($_REQUEST['lang']);
$dict = $languageInfo->getDictionary();

// in your code use placeholders defined in administration and Simple Language will replace placeholder with your defined value

// Welcome (if you choose English)
// Willcomenn (if you choose German)
// and so on

THATS ALL. VERY SIMPLE TO USE. You can define any language you want.

Simple Language Administration:

  • Change language used in administration (Predefined languages: English, German, Slovak)
  • Create new language
  • Edit/Delete language info
  • Add new terms
  • Filter dictionary entries
  • Delete dictionary entries
  • Edit/Delete dictionary entries directly in datatable
  • Upload files for import
  • Import uploaded language files

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