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Very useful script and also very well made. It works perfectly, I like it! :)

P.S – I az sum bulgarin, ako iskash mojesh da me namerish na Skype: extreemer55 ili ot profila mi i da obmenqme opit. Moga da ti pomogna da se razviesh v CodeCanyon ako iskash. :)

Thanks, glad you like it. :)

it’s so cool

Thanks :)

Can this script be integrated with custom pure php existing website ? If not will you be able to provide me assistance.

Hi venomdog

Yes, without problems, but if you have some problems with integrate, you can write me email and I’ll help you.

Nicely done, I was looking through your online documentation and it looks very easy to implement.

-Larry J Lane

Thanks, glad you like it. :)

Very nice solution, love it! After smashing my head against the wall for hours trying to get google’s recaptcha to work with my ajax form, I got this and then moved on to other things on the project:)

On question, it seems to be that only small cap code work? Sometimes it looks like a big cap letter in the code but it works with small caps – so do always small caps work? in that case I would convert the input toLowercase() in my script.

Hi thm_dot_dev, I’m glad you like it and found what you need. :)

Are you sure? It can be confusing because the font of uppercase and lowercase letters. Have you discussed the detailed documentation, there is described for large and small letters.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at any time via dian.koychev@gmail.com

Thanks for the comment and review.

will take a look a the docs again thx.

I am also experiencing this issue – I type in the code and it tells me the code is wrong, when clearly it is not.

Here is a screenshot. http://tinypic.com/r/ayr7ns/8

Captcha code is 7oim When you enter that code it says it’s wrong.

Is it possible there is a glitch in the way I implemented it? Or a glitch in the PHP code? Many times it works fine, so I know it is working. But every once in a while I come across one that is clearly correct, but it says it is wrong.

Hi ec1060, That’s no problem, I tried to write “0”? It is probably due to wrong font and write something wrong. It is not possible to enter the correct code and display it wrong. This can put these fonts to be recognized better to do with capital letters or small.

Hmmm … ok. Reading through your documentation, I see that I can change the fonts, and I can also change the style to all UPPER CASE. Maybe I will do a combination of both, and see if the issue is resolved. Thank you :-)

Hi ec1060, In the documentation it is described in great detail, so it is there – to read. :) If you have some sort of more questions, please write to me at dian.koychev@gmail.com

is it possible to add a condition to it for ex. captcha to be shown only when an ip address opens more than 5-10 pages a time ???

Hi beserk77, sorry, but currently there is no such option.

Very useful! Good work :)

great plugin :)

Trying to download this after buying it. Chrome, Firefox and Firefox develeoper are blocking the download saying there is malware in the zip file.