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funo85 Purchased

Good code. If you want, I have a good spanish translation and a good catalan translation to update your core translation. Conteme me if you are interested

Yes, please email the translation files to support@tecdiary.com and we will add them in next release. Thank you very much :)

I downloaded all files to server… once I go to xxxxxxx.com/install/index.php it shows me a page that the installer is locked. I have the purchase code, which file exactly do I input my purchase code so I can unlock the installer? Thanks!

For this reason, I can not finishing completing the set up on my server!

Please make sure you have upload all the files specially SIM null file in main directory. This is already mentioned in documentations in help folder. Thank you

Thanks, I got it working!


viorel93 Purchased

One more Question , How is possible to translate the mini calendar in invoice

I am sorry as there is no option to translate the mini calendar. I will check in future updated. Thank you


n1ne Purchased

Great product, does almost everything we need as a small firm! Can I suggest a feature for the next update?

We usually ask for a % deposit of the total invoice before proceeding with a project. Would it be possible to add a “deposit amount” section below the “grand total” section? It could be similar to the “add payment” feature.

Cheers and keep up the good work!

Hello, I can’t promise but will check while working on next update. Thank you

Customer Import Module is not working

May I know the error? Have you checked your csv file as mentioned on the import page?

Stripe payment gateway is not calculating correctly.

Example: Product:$29.99 +Shipping:$8.99=$38.98

But when I hit pay now; the Stripe checkout is showing $47.98. It is adding the shipping price again. What is a fix for this error? Thanks!

Let me check and I shall fix this soon. Thank you


dweb Purchased

Hello When i print invoice, text is in gray not black ! How to print is in black ? Thank you

You can add the color property for html and body in themes/default/assets/styles/style.css for @media print Thank you

Hi I purchased your item and found a bug in Edit invoice screen when I edit invoice which have more than 3 products its prices are not shown and total prices is wrong I see this bug in your demo this bug also there please fix this bug for us i am sending you an email on (support@tecdiary.com) with screen shots please do fix it and send me a solution for this. thanks

Hello, Please let me know your email address. I will check and I shall fix it soon. Thank you

Hi, my email address is: silentmiles_ali@yahoo.com

Hi TecDairy.! I’m inpressed with this application. I would like to know few points. 1. The out of the system invoice should be as our company invoice. 2. How to Add TIN, CST in the Invoice Entering Fields 3. How to have Default Invoice Footer 4. How to Have custom Running Invoice Number 5. How to have low qty Alert.?? 6. Whats the way to have your support on future updation

Please support us. We are ready to buy this module..! Thank You. You can mail your replies to syed_parvez18@yahoo.co.in

Hello, You can update setting for your company name and email. You can use custom file to store extra info for the companies/customers. There is no option for invoice footer. You can change the sale number by edit the AI for table. This is open product based invoice solution not product inventory/quantity tracking available. We will reply your comment here. Thank you


soonyboy Purchased

I just bought this script now after installation i am getting this error

Server Error 404 – File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

http://mydomain.com/inv/auth/login instead of http://mydomain.com/inv/

please i need urgent help on this

Please always check the documentation in your download. There is FAQ in error section for 404 and 500 errors. Please check the first 3 suggestion, 1) mod_rewrite, 2) .htaccess file 3) base_url in config. Thank you


ivanis7 Purchased

Hi, how do I enable DEMO mode in Simple Invoice ?

You can enable it in app/core/my_controller.php Thank you

is it possible to change the first day of the week on monday?

meaning: changing the first day of the week to monday ON THE DAYPICKER AS WELL AS IN THE CALENDAR – it looks like it is possible for the daypicker $( ”.selector” ).datepicker({ firstDay: 1 }); – but how would that affect the calendar? – and also the due date in ‘new invoice’