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i have advance stock manager and shop, if i buy this product, can it work together? and how do i update it after purchase thanks

I am sorry as this is separate item and won’t word with SMA & SHOP. The SMA have all the feature of this item, please check and if you have any question, please post on the item page. Thank you

hi.. i want to know if the email i send to the client where it says “Please find the attached invoice”. does the customer need to download the invoice?... or there will be a link for the invoice inside the email?

Yes, the invoice will be attached to email as pdf. Thank you

can the invoice link be placed inside the email?

Hi, I username and purchase code not working.

I checked it.. the curl is not working .. your API URl not working so it is not accepting username and purchase code.

If there is blank/cloudflare error, please check the docs in help folder. The first FAQ in Errors section is about this. If there is any other error, please email your purchase code and error message to support@tecdiary.com Thank you

Hello, good job with the new update it works very well now! I have a question on how to do something maybe you can help me understanding. the invoice should be something like this:

amount: Euro 100,00
Social Security contribution +4% ex art. 1, c. 212, legge 662/96(*): Euro 4,00
Subtotal: Euro 104,00
+IVA 22%: Euro 22,88
Subtotal: Euro 126,88
- R.A. 20%: Euro 20,80
Total Due: Euro 106,08

Many thanks.

- R.A. 20%: Euro 20,80 Is applied to the Subtotal: Euro 104,00