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Hi, How can i assign different taxes value to each product?

Hi, How can i assign different taxes value to each product?

While adding/editing the product, if you have enabled it in settings. Thank you


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Hi and thanks in advance.

I have a small problem when i view an invoice is ok, but when i generate the pdf some colums are small and they drop decimal numbers in next line.

How to control the pdf form so i can make larger some fields and smaller some others

You can modify the view file themes/default/views/sales/view_invoice.php as you need. Thank you

What happened to the pay with stripe button that use to show in the email?

The stipe payment button is in the view invoice from client/admin area, not in email. Thank you


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well i have dont everyting right and home page does not load installation complete with all green checks … installation locked … website does not work …. why not please post a video on youtube thanks


eritec Purchased

hello i have completed the installation successfully but i cannot see the website online

After each successful install/update the tool will be locked. What your page says? If there any error/message there? If no, did you check your error logs?


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Hi, I am using an earlier version of your software and it works well, we don’t want to upgrade.

I notice firefox shows a warning message about connect is not secure, so we set up ssl on the domain.

How can I change the link to uss https instead of http?

By the way, I tried to use htaccess to force use of https but it doesn’t work.

Thank you.


ozwds Purchased

I worked it out. Updated the config.php, changed the $config[‘base_url’] = ‘https:

Hope this helps

Yes, changing the base_url would be fine. You even can set the cookie_secure to true in same config file. Thank you

are there is a client area login to pay they bill , invoice ? didn’t see that at the demo just admin


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Hello, i amhaving problems with veiw invoice and pdf download,wehn i click veiw invoice i get no response but i can open veiw invoice by rught click and open in new tab,also i have same problem with pdf i cannot download pdf files of invoice. your help will be greatly appriciated thank you

Great Software, thank you!

In the most recent version there is probably a bug. I have a fresh installation and disabling “Print Payment Details on Invoice” has no effect on generated invoices.

Do you offer customization services?

It’s not a bug, I just misunderstood this setting. I expected it would remove paid amount, balance and status from the invoice.


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Hello, after 3 months are are still stuck on 3.3.10. We also upgraded today to php7 and now it seems useless, we can’t neither login to check what’ wrong. Please help us before the support will expire…


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Any Good Samaritan Willing to Help me install via team viewer ? im using Godaddy thanks in advance

Hello, I wrote you a message by email and got no answer there. I am still blocked into 3.3.10 and can’t upgrade by myself. Last time we did it we got error, so we restored the backup we made.

How can we upgrade this please?

Hi have a problem in uploading the companies logo when we create company. By default you have set it to 300×80 and i have the two different billing company and one logo is rectangle and i can easily meet 300×80 but another logo is absolutely square logo. How should i go about it please. And i can’t send any invoice or quotes using E-Mails and when i download invoice/quote as PDF then it looks bit cluttered.

Hi, Help I did the installation, and the login screen does not appear


once again, great app!

I’ve made some custom fields so while adding a customer I could give in his 2nd or delivery adress etc.

While exporting a customer i’m only a few fields. how can i add more? which file to edit? thanks in advance !

waiting for your answer


I have submitted installation email and paypal payment.