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How can I enable “Print” option in view invoices page? There is only option to download invoices as PDF or view. Print option is is much needed.

There is no need to have print button as it’s web based app. you can use the browser to print invoice page. Thank you

Yes But that is not the case here. View invoice is not opening in new tab. It is just pop up in the dashboard. So if I press “CTR + P” it is pricing some part of dashboard and invoice. That’s why I asked for print option.

Hope to get a solution.

The pages are optimized for print. There shouldn’t be anything else then modal. The demo is still old version. I will update it soon. Are you using the latest version?

What changes were there in the latest version? I could not see the changes in the item list page also. Please write up the changes in the item list page it will be very helpful us. Thank You.

I have update the change log. Thank you

Nice program, it is good if have on / off button for required field.

For those who cannot see the logo and status image in PDF, remember turn on “GD”!

Thank you for your comment. The required validation can be removed as per guide and I will check about this in future.

Hi, i noticed after a year that in-app updates are possible :D

When i’m trying to update to 3.4 i get an error:

couldn’t find migration class “Migration_Update2”

Please try to update manually by downloading the latest file and following the update instructions in the help folder. Thank you

Hi Tecdiary! I have purchased two licenses now! After a bit of serious tweaking, I have resolved the issue I had with my host and displaying logos / images in the pdf documents. One thing I would like help please:

I have been playing with the CRON job. I see the files Cron.php and Cron_model.php

So, when I run a cron job, I would like to log that a cron job has happened in a table in the database and also log the results of that cron job.

So I decided to add a table in database, sim_cron_jobs (3 columns, id, status and date(auto update)) and then I added the following line in Cron_model.php within the public function getAllDueInvoices : $this->db->update(‘cron_jobs’, array(‘status’ => ‘cron executed’)) above the line that starts $today

Problem is, the database table does not update! And there are no errors.

Essentially, what I want is a record of every time the cron job runs. I know I get emails each time, but I wants it recorded in the database. Is this possible? Does the cron job get logged anywhere else ? I could not find anything?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Just a few tweaks and then I’ll have both SIMs running with the view to purchasing a third! It’s awesome. Really, thank you for a lot of hard work!


I figured it out… Took another look today – so simple! What a silly mistake…

$this->db->insert(‘cron_jobs’, array(‘status’ => ‘cron executed’))

I’m inserting not updating!


On another note, I would like to create some “blank” pages. And then add them to the menu on the left side. I am trying to discover how to do this and how the pages are complied, any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks

You will need to create new controllers for pages, let say Pages.php in app/controllers and add methods like about. If done properly, you would be able to access the page from browser domain/pages/about Please read the codeigniter user guide for more info. Thank you


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even after the update still have issues with the program, after creating an invoice, and if clicking on it it doesn’t open the popup showing the invoice also if refresh the page i get in the top “Loading data from server” and it doesn’t do nothing until i click on the “loading data server” Any advice?

Please email your site link with admin account to support@tecdiary.com with reference to this comment. Thank you


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PAGE NOT FOUND for http://localhost:8383/simpleinvoice/auth/login

Please check this one

DB created and install completed already by adding all ur credientials

Please check the docs in help folder. You are missing .htaccess file or mod_rewrite is not enabled or configured to use .htaccess file from web directory. Thank you


vivant Purchased

Perhaps a silly question I bought without really checking….. but why or unless I missed it doesnt this have a way of adding invoices from companies for services, this only bills companies but doesn’t have an option to add bills from others ? Isn’t this a fundemental feature ?

There is no option to receive invoice. You can create invoices for your customers only.


vivant Purchased

That’s the issue- it’s a fundamental feature don’t you think ? It’s in your others but not this- do you have plans to add it in the future ?

I am sorry as there is no plan for such. May I know, where you want to use this as this is invoice issuing solution and can’t understand the need to receive invoice :( But if that is useful to other, we wil lconsider it in future updates. Thank you

I am using 3.3.11 version. When I try to update from the site I faced Migration_Update2 error. After that I try to update manually and upload all files to directory. At that step, I get http 500 error which indicates Site.php on line 55 in error log. After that, I try to install all over. But this time I lost whole data including customers, offers, invoices and etc. Is there any other way to fix that?

The model site check for the events on line 55. We do trck the 3-5 prevous version for each update. There arequote many releases after 3.3.11 :( Please try this
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `sim_calendar`;
  `start` datetime NOT NULL,
  `title` varchar(55) NOT NULL,
  `user_id` int(11) DEFAULT NULL,
  `end` datetime DEFAULT NULL,
  `description` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
  `color` varchar(7) NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`id`)

You should not install but perform udpate. You can restore the backup and then try again. Thank you


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Hello Tecdiary,

Is it possible to show the “user” name in the invoice / quotation like “created by”?

Thanks a lot!

You can add this line in view_invoice method of app/controllers/sales.php before page_title line
$this->data['created_by'] = $this->site->getUser($inv->user_id);
Then edit themes/default/views/sales/view_sale_modal.php and echo the $created_by->first_name, $created_by->last_name, $created_by->email ect.

ryan6287 Purchased

Work great, thanks Tecdiary :)


suren5 Purchased

Recently i had purchased your product for invoice and quotation (Simple Invoice Manager). Here are my queries.

1. I am not able to view quotation as seen in demo. When i click “View quotation” no action is happening.

2. I am not able to download PDF as seen in demo. When Download PDF is clicked, it is just opening a page.

3. Display amount in words is already enabled in System Settings, But it is not showing when invoice is viewed

4. When the Quantity entered less than 5 or 9 it is showing correct total in “view quotation” and “reports”. But when the quantity is increased lets say about 25, then the total is showing wrong.

5. The same issues are for the Invoices too.

Can you please advice on these issues and help me solve this

Waiting for your reply

Please let me know your email address. Thank you


suren5 Purchased

I recently checked in your demo too. There is some bug/issue. I have sent you screen shot from citsuren@gmail.com. Please correct them asap

Yes, found the issue and file are being updated. You email has been replied with fix. Thank you

Hi, I have restored Database backup in “setting” “System Backups” but nothing shows in my site (its blank). Database entries are visible in phpMyAdmin.

Please check your error log and you can try to create new db and import your backup file then update the database in app/config/database.php Thank you

sim/modules/sales/views/add.php this folder does not exist you are refering to in the comment fields, where will i find this page to edit now ?

I didn’t get you. The HMVC was removed quite long all the sale related views are in themes/default/views/sales/ Thank you


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Hi, I have just updated to version from an older version and after the update when I try to login to the acount, after I put my credentials in, a 500 error apears. I have checked the steps in the help document and everything is set : 1) mod_rewrite, 2) .htaccess file 3) base_url in config. Please advice


sarpe21 Purchased


Could you please answer I have all my invoices stucked.

Thank you


sarpe21 Purchased


Hello, The setps you mentioned is for 404 not found error. I guess, there is something went wrong in database. Please check the error log and let me know the details so that I can suggest solution. Thank you


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Hi Tecdiary, I’ve emailed my issue to support@tecdiary.com twice, and no response yet. I think I have an upgrade issue – downloaded the latest version and followed your documentation on how to upgrade, but now I can’t view any of my invoices, and an error alert pops up for the AJAX call. Maybe some migrations are missing from the upgrade? I upgraded from a pre 3.3.x version to the latest version…

Please respond to my email or advise what to do, as I cannot download previous versions of the plugin to upgrade each in stages.


Magiweb Purchased

Please check my email for specific details, as I explain what specific issues I’m having in it.

The response will be very slower then this comment. WE do check 3 – 5 previous version for each update. There are quite many updated after v3.3 Please check your error log and let me know the detail. Thank you


Magiweb Purchased

I sent you an email with detailed explanation to support@techdiary.com. I even included FTP and admin login details in the email. Nobody has responded.

Here’s a part of what I wrote:

Hi Guys,

After following the upgrade steps for Simple Invoice Manager to upgrade to the latest version, I now seem to have some issues across the site which appear to be related to data queries.

The first issue was a query on login in models/Site.php on line 53. The error due to $q not being set at all, but rather set to “false”. So I simply amended the if statement on line 55 from

if ($q->num_rows() > 0)


if ($q && $q->num_rows() > 0)

This got me into the dashboard.

However, when I tried to access my invoices list, I hit another error, likely due to a similar issue. The error is:

[15-May-2017 11:41:21 Africa/Harare] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function result_array() on boolean in /home/magiweb/public_html/billing/app/libraries/Datatables.php on line 383

I’m running this app on PHP 5.6. I did run through the upgrade process as directed in the help file.

I assume that since I cannot manually run the 3.4 version upgrade (which says I MUST do manually) as I do not have this package and can only download the latest one, that there are DB migration related issues?

Please read my email and advise.


I’ve added some products. So If I create a new invoice, shouldn’t it be possible to add products, which I have already added at the products page? I don’t want to write down the same product name each time I add a new invoice. Is there something I have to configure to enable this feature?

Thank you very much for your help! Arno.

You will get the suggestions for your products once you start typing in the description and then select any product to auto fill the description. Thank you

Thanks you! I assumed that it works like that, but it doesn’t :-) There are no suggestions. So maybe there is a problem with jquery. Is there a simple way to debug that (logging level)? Thanks! Arno.

Please can you customize this for me?

Yes, please email to support@tecdiary.com Thank you

There is a bug in your new version, when i add one item for 27 qty with price 2200 per unit and 15% service tax, it is giving result Rs. 2,99,970.00 in total which is wrong.

also what is order tax? that is not required. also we want party ledger account. and there should be financial year option

Please reply


I am sorry as the tax was being calculated wrongly for quantity more than 1. I have fixed this and update will be available soon. If you need it urgent, please email to support@tecdiary.com

The order tax is 2nd tax that will be applied on order total (total with product tax) You can try to add it on demo to test. Thank you


Spider311 Purchased


In what folder can I find the view file for the invoices? I want to make a change to invoice but cannot find the file.