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Once i updated with latest version my old retrieving but i can see in database. how to solve this issue

Update shouldn’t have any effect on old data. Please describe if all the data such as users, customers, sales, quotes and taxes are not showing on only few. Was there any error wile updating?

Once i updated with latest version my old retrieving but i can see in database. how to solve this issue

view invoice tab not working

I am sorry where is this view invoice tab? If you visit sales page, you can click any sale to view it. Thank you

Error occurred while updating status. Please refresh page and try again.

May I know from which version you have updated?

Does anyone know the proper .htaccess configuration for installing this on a turnkey 14 ‘Jessie’ LAMP image?

Please describe your issue in details, what happens after installation. If there any errors? Please check your error logs too. Thank you

why we can’t see the Change log file/ updates in the items list page. Last updated change log was 29th Sep 2017. But, the current release was on 10th Oct. What changes were there in this release needs to know. Please update the change log. Thank You.

The change log is fine, there is no functional change in last update. Thank you

Hello, SIM is not working as i need after the last update:


Qty = 1 Product price = 100 VAT = 20% TAX_method = Exclusive grand_total = 120 order_tax = 20 Qty = 1 Product price = 100 VAT = 20% TAX_method = Inclusive grand_total = 100 order_tax = 16.66

How can have theses settings ?

Thank you for your help

Yes, that’s true. SIM should calculate the tax as per tax method. Please try it on live demo. Thank you


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I think there is bug in page sales add. Often, the page is not loaded. But other page has no problems. Also, after I input the sales data, the data cannot be sent. And I have to re-input the sales again.

Page should load all the time as others unless there is any network issue. Is it local install or on live server? Form should submit if the validation passed :( Please try to clear your browser cache and let me know your version number too. Thank you


joeszeto Purchased

It’s intalled on live server at hostmonster. The ADD INVOICE always has trouble to load and to submit. My version is 3.5.2

Trouble to load and to submit? Have you modified any code? Can you please provide the details and did you check it on demo?

Dear Friend

1) PROBLEM invoices cant figure out how to setup 2) Ok my item cost $5000 TOTAL. I want charge client every months $300 When I generate invoice asking pay total price $5000 I try all ways not working right way…

Its should show 1 unit total price $5000 every months $300 after payment total have to be $4700


There is no such option to split the payment as you need. You have the option to manually add the payment every month. Than kyou

Any updates on it ? What the point to have Require Bills option if can’t subtract from total bill? Any direction how I can add it? Thanks

You can only make payment for single bill at a time. I will check for bulk bill payment in future. Thank you


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A Database Error Occurred

Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: C:/xampp/htdocs/lite/app/core/MY_Controller.php


Please make sure that app/config/database.php has correct configuration. Thank you

1. While Purchasing I would like to add the Product Price or MRP for each product. 2. If I mention the Promo price I would like to display Product Price and Offer Price in the customer bill.

There is no such options. This is open product based invoice solution and don’t have any inventory/purchase feature. Thank you

hi. Is this can work with php v7 ? Because while i add products, add invoice anything, is not reflecting under list invoice, list products tab. but those new products able to see while i try to create new invoice. so the 1st issue is, the listing of customer, invoice, products option shows ‘Loading data from server…’

It will work fine with php7. The issue might be different. Can you check if mysql mode only_full_group_by is disabled?

Hi. The issue was https. the config.php was used http only. I manually edited, than it works well. But now another issue. The REPORTS links (reports/monthly_sales & reports/monthly_sales) > showing error > browser shows > is currently unable to handle this request.

If other pages are working, the report should show up too. If there any errors in your server log?

as per your help doc. i have update this changing for ssl.

Update base url from http://yoursite.com to https://yoursite.com
Set $config[‘cookie_secure’] to TRUE

and also update .htaccess file.

RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^(.)$ /index.php?$1 [L] RewriteRule ^(.)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

showing this link. but invoice system is not working.. please help me what i do for this issue.

Yes, you only need to change the base_url. It will redirect you to new base_url the cookie_secure is optional. Please provide the details, what is not working and do you see any content on the page?

Hello, I loved your app, I’d wish to integrate a local payment gateway. Please let me know the possibility.

You will need to edit the item code to add any payment gateway. Thank you

Can you do it for extra payment ?

Yes, please email to support@tecdiary.com for cost and time estimate. Thank you


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installation error, once installed, redirect to /auth/login but give an error 404 can not find the page.

Please check the documentation in help folder. There is FAQ for 404 not found check list. Thank you


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Hi and thanks in advance

I have version

And when i go to system updates there are no new versions to download.

So i cant update.

How i can update to latest version ?

Thank you

I am sorry as the auto updates feature has been removed. Please download the item from here and then manually update as per instruction in help folder. Thank you

How do we maintain the GST, HSN billing system as per Indian new Tax system?

This item doesn’t have option for Indian GST yet. Thank you