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Simple Instagram VIDEO

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Simple Instagram Video

Introducing Video on Instagram! This plugin leverages the newly added video stream as all of the features if the current API. Share your favorite videos and photos pulled directly from the Instagram API. Its simple, easy, and highly customizable. Start sharing now!


Simple Instagram Video is a premium Instagram plugin that uses the power of HTML5 Video to showcase the latest functionality of the Instagram API. We know you will love it as much as we do because we’ve designed it to be as beautiful as it is useful. Give it a try, have some fun, and share you moments with the world!

Key Features

  • Superior Codebase - Built on our amazingly bulletproof framework
  • Responsive Design - Fully mobile-ready design adapts to any device.
  • Fullscreen Video - Enjoy your videos fully regardless of the device.
  • Advanced Video Thumbnail Gallery Mode - Share your best Instagram videos with our clean thumbnail gallery.
  • Premium Video Playlist Gallery Mode - Display your videos with our unique playlist style video player.
  • Popular Instagram Feed Mode (Deprecated) - This feed mode pulls in the photos from the Instagram popular feed.
  • Tag Instagram Feed Mode - This feed mode allows you to specify a tag to search from the Instagram API.
  • User Instagram Feed Mode - This feed mode allows you to specify a user id to pull in photos from a specific user.
  • Multiuser Instagram Feed Mode - This feed mode allows you to specify multiple user id’s to pull in photos from specific users. Note, this feature does NOT allow load more functionality.
  • Liked Instagram Feed Mode - Display photos and videos that you’ve liked all accross the Instagram API.


Version 1.1 – June 29 2013
  • jQuery 1.9.0 compatibility and Instagram API Updates.
  • Bug fixes.
Version 1.2 – July 3 2013
  • New Feature! Now added 7 new skins for video player!
  • Added the ability to make custom skins.