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Where is language files?

Thank you, please give the rating for this product.

yeah, thank you. But language files in only “module folder” ? Other folders

in folder modul and folder admin

Your live demo domain expired yesterday 12-19-2015 – how do I see the demo now?

Demo is now online ..

start(); define(‘KLATENWEB-KOMPONEN’, true); define(‘KLATENWEB-KONTEN’, true); include “ikutan/config.php”; include “ikutan/mysql.php”; include “ikutan/template.php”; global $judul_situs,$theme; $GET[‘aksi’] = !isset($_GET[‘aksi’]) ? null : $_GET[‘aksi’]; $_GET[‘modul’] = !isset($_GET[‘modul’]) ? null : $_GET[‘modul’]; $_GET[‘pilih’] = !isset($_GET[‘pilih’]) ? null : $_GET[‘pilih’]; $_GET[‘act’] = !isset($_GET[‘act’]) ? null : $_GET[‘act’]; if (isset($stats) != ‘OK’){ include ‘ikutan/statistik.inc.php’; stats(); setcookie(‘stats’, ‘OK’, time()+ 3600); } $old_modulules = !isset($old_modulules) ? null : $old_modulules; ob_start(); switch($_GET[‘modul’]) { case ‘yes’: if (file_exists(‘modul/’.$_GET[‘pilih’].’/’.$_GET[‘pilih’].’.php’) && !isset($_GET[‘act’]) && !preg_match(’/\.\./’,$_GET[‘pilih’])) { include ‘modul/’.$_GET[‘pilih’].’/’.$_GET[‘pilih’].’.php’; } else if (file_exists(‘modul/’.$_GET[‘pilih’].’/act’.$GET[‘act’].’.php’) && !preg_match(’/\.\./’,$_GET[‘pilih’]) && !preg_match(’/\.\./’,$_GET[‘act’]) ) { include ‘modul/’.$_GET[‘pilih’].’/act’.$_GET[‘act’].’.php’; } else { header(“location:index.php”); exit; } break; default: if (!isset($_GET[‘pilih’])) { include ‘konten/normal.php’; } else if (file_exists(‘konten/’.$_GET[‘pilih’].’.php’) && !preg_match(”/\.\./”,$_GET[‘pilih’])){ include ‘konten/’.$_GET[‘pilih’].’.php’; } else { header(“location:index.php”); exit; } break; } $tengah = ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); ///////////////// LINKLOGIN //////////// ob_start(); include “plugin/linklogin.php”; $linklogin = ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); ////////////////////////////////// ///// MENU KIRI ///////////////////// ob_start(); modul(1); echo ””; blok(1); $kiri = ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); ///// MENU KIRI ///////////////////// ///////////////// ATAS //////////// ob_start(); include “plugin/atas.php”; $atas = ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); ////////////////////////////////// ///// HEADER ///////////////////// if (!isset($_GET[‘pilih’])) { ob_start(); include “plugin/header.php”; $header = ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); } else { ob_start(); $header = ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); } ///// HEADER ///////////////////// if ($_GET[‘aksi’] == ‘logout’) { logout (); } $style_include_out = !isset($style_include) ? ’’ : implode(””,$style_include); $script_include_out = !isset($script_include) ? ’’ : implode(””,$script_include); $linklogin = !isset($linklogin) ? ’’ : $linklogin; $kiri = !isset($kiri) ? ’’ : $kiri; $atas = !isset($atas) ? ’’ : $atas; $header = !isset($header) ? ’’ : $header; $define = array ( ‘linklogin’ => $linklogin, ‘kiri’ => $kiri, ‘atas’ => $atas, ‘header’ => $header, ‘tengah’ => $tengah, ‘judul_situs’ => $judul_situs, ‘style_include’ => $style_include_out, ‘script_include’ => $script_include_out, ‘meta_description’ => $_META[‘description’], ‘meta_keywords’ => $_META[‘keywords’], ‘timer’ => $timer->stop() ); $tpl = new template (‘thema/klatenweb-template.html’); $tpl-> define_tag($define); $tpl-> cetak(); ?>

Error ?

Please use Xampp 1.7.1 or AppServ 2.5.10

Hi, I am looking at this script and looks good, I just have a few questions

1) Can it be integrated into my own website so it looks like my own website 2) Can the currency be changed to £(GBP) instead of $ 3) Can monthly prices be set for the domains/hosting or is it just yearly prices

Thank you in advance

Kind regards


1. This script can later be installed on sub domain. eg billing.domain-you.com 2. Can, only need to adjust some of the script just for-exchange, then can I help. 3. For setting the price can only be a year

Hello, Is the source code encrypted? Also, let me know the pricing for add monthly option instead yearly. Thanks

Please check your email

Hello, Ok, will verify. Did you fixed this vulnerability on script? Thanks


Hai, How can I integrate it with WHM…? Can I use my Domain Reseller Account …? I could not find an option in the admin panel to add my Domain Reseller account. ie; When a Customer order a domain, I want to get my commission.

Would really appreciate your assistance.

This version has not yet been integrated with WHM

hi, scprit was to take a long time. I did install but only now seems logo . I wonder what is the reason

ok, now is running. problem to import the sql file :)

I still do not understand what you mean

the script is fine but can the payment method be changed or add more payment method like 2checkout ? cox paypal and stripe don’t wok in my region so 2checkout work and probably other payment method that works globally and also can offline payment method like bank transfer be added to this script? also is there a chance to change pricing currency ?

Please wait for the latest updates in the near future, or you can order these products with custom system but charged extra

hi i am looking at your script i like it but i dont see any place to add the cpanel info for the script to send the person the log in info for there cpanel please let me know then i buy ken

do you have a wordpress version?

Not available, but you can set it up on a sub domain

Can i change the duration time for the payments ?! Example = 1 Month 2 Dollars ?

hey guyz can you build invoice software like this, please mail me on this email id fo r further discussion kishore.bhosle@gmail.com https://gst.cleartax.in/invoices/e54d2542-9770-482c-a7e7-f168c1d328b6/sales/create 1 july gst launch in india, so it create a big sale you also contact for next

Will you be making any updates to your script?

- PHP version 7 / MYSQLi - Bug fixes on paging - Administrators can add orders through the administrator menu >> add order - etc

Will you be updating the template concept to make it more modern looking?

Updates are now available

can u provide payumoney payment gatway

Yes it can, but chargeable

how much please tell me


If I buy, can I completely adjust and improve and then resell?

You are not allowed to resell it

How to Install The Script I Create Database & Put Detail on Config file with Database.mysql but there is no display

is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

Make sure you have created database and database account then connect both then import the database. Set the database connection in the file ikutan >> config.php, or check file htaccess. If you still have problems please send me email url domain then username and password cpanel so I can help install from here

Are you working on any NEW updates for your script?

Already, please check the web demo

Does it work on Direct Admin and is it responsive?

To try login as admin please check on web demo and click login menu and enter admin username and admin password. yes this is already responsive

Lets try again, maybe I didn’t explain myself enough. This script seems to be for cPanel, but does it work on DA (Direct Admin) as well?

I’d love this script only if you’d add some fields for the customer to enter their personal information, like name, e-mail, phone, billing address, that would also appear on the invoice and in admin panel/orders. Please let me know if you added this feature.