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Hi, I just bought your App I like. I would like to add a specific address, can you indicate which file and whic line to modify?

Thank you!

Hi, You can modify from main.js line 78.

Thanks I’ll give it a try. I’ll give you 5 stars.

Does this allow you to do a Foursquare checkin as well?

It doesn’t allow to do check in. Sry…

You can change token with your own token if you want.

no plans of adding checkins in the future? or users add data/info (resto, bar, hotel, etc.) and import photos ?

how can i open this im new at this sorry

You can import project to Titanium Developer or Studio and run.

can it be used in a web app

No, it can’t sry.

Would it be easy for me to add “select category” and sort by number of currently checked-in and show that number too?

This app is compatible whit Geoloqi??

Usefull app and cool design, congr..


how to import this project file because when i want to import it to titanium i get an error like saying that i am missing tiapp.xml, timodule.xml or module.xconfig …..

Does this app work on current IOS phones?

Yes it works

can I use this on my phonegap build?

I dont know about phonegap but I think you can use the main function.

This does not work with current Titanium.

“Support for the Titanium.Map module on iOS was removed in Release 3.2.0.”

Oke i will update the code. Thanks for feedback.

From where your item show me the nearest place to me ? and it works on any place worldwide ?

Yes’ it works. It’s using foursquare data.

nice product ;) thanks

hi can you use in last ios version oe can you update it and what about Foursquare api is still work