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i paid you $10 via your paypal account on 25th December 2017 to help me re-install, but ever since you have neither wrote to me or done the task… Thank you for frustrating me even after payment. Please let me know if you would do it for me or not. Thanks

Please refer to my reply on your previous comment and please avoid duplication. Thank you

Please login as admin and disable the RTL support in your settings. Thank you

where do i find the logo and favicon so i can replace it with my brand’s

It is showing here. You might need to clear your browser cache. Thank you

i just did , over and over, and i still see this http://nimb.ws/N2WGVj

how to modify daily digest email?

You can modify the app/libraries/Digest.php as you need. The template are in themes/default/views/emails/ Thank you

What needs to be changed for the update? is there a change log so I don’t have to redo some mods to my site??

Change log has been updated. Thank you

I need import my entire users database from previous SIMPLE FORUM version. How can I do that?

I am sorry as I don’t have the db scheme for previous item as it was deleted from here and from my repo :( You can compare the users table in both database. Thank you

Hello, I have a problem, when I create a theme and I copy a text and save, nothing appears to me, and when I try to edit and save it tells me that there is no sane message when I have it.

Hello, I am sorry as I didn’t understand your question. If you add new theme and update settings, it will be loaded and you can modify the view of new themes as you need. Thank you

OK. I already understand

Im interested in this script, but please add custom image badge (like codecanyon badge) on the next update and i will buy it.

You can add your own css classes for badges. I will add option for mages in future updates. Thank you

good, I wait for the update :)

I have installed successfully. But, when I call home page, http 500 error occur. The Error Log is as below. ””GET /index.php HTTP/1.1” 500 415 ”-” “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/63.0.3239.132 Safari/537.36” Pls guide me how to solve it. Thanks

Please check your server error log for more info of 500 error. Thank you

I asked here with exact error. But, you always reply to check server error log. I have to wait 8 days to get a reply. It took one month to get 3 stupid replies. Totally waste of my money. Refund or get negative reviews.

If you haven’t install it, you can open refund request. I am not magician to know what’s going on your sever. You need to check server error log and let us know the details, if you need solution. You can check with your host too. Thank you

what is this http://nimb.ws/NAPemX

even after clearing cache and restarting my system severally, your logo would not go away.

i have uploaded my logo before but after a while i still see you logo , please what is this.?. It only appears well in email messages http://nimb.ws/pYl3Xf . what is the plan.. Thanks

If the logo in email is correct then the site logo would be same, if not cached by browser.

I told you before your logo is showing up fine here https://www.screencast.com/t/Vi0P8tld2

Please haven read all the comments, I just want I be clear on something. If I have a WordPress site and want to integrate your app, all I have to do is install it on a sub domain on the same server and host for users to be able to login using one username and password, for both the WordPress site and your app, Then use links and pages to create menu on the WordPress site right?

I can’t guarantee for subdomain but it will work if you install forum in subdirectory and then install wordpress plugin. User logged in to wordpress will be auto logged in to forum too. There is no option to login forum user to wordpress site. Thank you

Hi I am getting Duplicate title and meta description warning in search console. How can I solve this problem? Some of the example pages are given below.

Pages with duplicate title tags Pages /forum/ /forum/index.php/ /forum/?page=10 /forum/?page=11 /forum/?page=2 /forum/?page=3 /forum/?page=4 /forum/?page=5 /forum/?page=6 /forum/?page=7 /forum/?page=8 /forum/?page=9 /forum/index.php/user_topics/151 /forum/index.php/user_topics/155 /forum/index.php/user_topics/1 /forum/index.php/user_topics/24 /forum/index.php/user_topics/33 /forum/index.php/user_topics/35

The default forum description is used as meta for all pages except category listing, and threads’ page. Thank you

Hello, i have a problem , i install the script works fine , but when i try to add Advertisement if i add some text is ok appers but if i add iframe or javascript is not appers and nothing happens, any solutions? thx

one more thing, its possible to remove from Members when they Add Thread ” Who can see this thread ”, i want to remove this field. I want to have this option just Admins and Moderators. Thank you

done CLOSE i solve it.

Glad to know. Thank you


hdezpena Purchased

Hi!, I have just purchased the script and it is great!. I would like to use the script login and registration system on my own webapp so, How do I compare the user password with the one encrypted on the database?. I’m using PHP. Thanks!


hdezpena Purchased

I have found a problem: whenever I try the registration form I get this error: “The Email field must contain a valid email address.” although I’ve try with some perfectly valid email addresses. After the error, the focus is on the password field, not the email adress field.


hdezpena Purchased

Forget it, I have uninstalled this script and installed phpBB instead :(

This item is not integrate-able with any third party software. The users are saved in tec_users table and you can check the auth controller in app/controllers.

If the email address is valid system should not generate validation error, can you share the email address so that I can check.

Thank you

Hi, great script! Would I be able to add this forum script to an already established website? And if so, what would be the database requirements?

This item is not integrate-able with any third party software.

You can install it as standalone forum in sub directory. If your main site is wordpress then there is plugin to log users in whith wordpress. For any other script, you will need to modify the item code to get it working. Thank you


satsuke Purchased

Hello, I got error like this: PHP Fatal error: session_start(): Failed to initialize storage module: user (path: sessions) in ../public_html/lib/libraries/Session/Session.php on line 143

Please help.. thanks


satsuke Purchased

FYI: I have php mysql installed, but Is that phpmyadmin required?

The session is stored in db and the error might be before install. No, phpmyadmin is not a requirement. Please share the issue in details so that I can suggest solution. Thank you

After install complete go to login and see only white page? please help

ubuntu16+lamp (php7.0+Mysql 5.7) only white page after install ubuntu16+plesk onyx - only white page after install what fucking ???

without this line: $this->data[‘topics’] = $this->forums_model->get_topics($limit, $start, $category_id, NULL, NULL, $child_category, $user_threads, $sorting);

my forum working only no threads, what is here wrong