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I use Vietnamese

For Vietnamese, my slug title is deleted

I want to add this paragraph:

slug = slug.replace(/á|à|ả|ạ|ã|ă|ắ|ằ|ẳ|ẵ|ặ|â|ấ|ầ|ẩ|ẫ|ậ/gi, ‘a’); slug = slug.replace(/é|è|ẻ|ẽ|ẹ|ê|ế|ề|ể|ễ|ệ/gi, ‘e’); slug = slug.replace(/i|í|ì|ỉ|ĩ|ị/gi, ‘i’); slug = slug.replace(/ó|ò|ỏ|õ|ọ|ô|ố|ồ|ổ|ỗ|ộ|ơ|ớ|ờ|ở|ỡ|ợ/gi, ‘o’); slug = slug.replace(/ú|ù|ủ|ũ|ụ|ư|ứ|ừ|ử|ữ|ự/gi, ‘u’); slug = slug.replace(/ý|ỳ|ỷ|ỹ|ỵ/gi, ‘y’); slug = slug.replace(/đ/gi, ‘d’);

Help me:

Hello, you can modify the slug generation in themes/default/assets/js/main.js (line 636). The slug will be auto generated for English language only. If this is not what you asking, please ask again with details. Thank you

Can you update slug like wordpress?

Because the languages with the Vietnamese accents are deleted slug

Yes, I will check in next update. Thank you

the installation wizard not working due to the Cloudflare protuction is enabled on api.tecdiary.com/

Please post on the item that you have purchased. Thank you

i await ur reply

Please be patient while expecting answer from us. The reply time is 5 days. Thank you


warsone Purchased


I liked very nice software

I entered the smtp  settings correctly, but it gives an error


warsone Purchased

I entered the smtp  settings correctly, but it gives an error

System version 0.6.1

I wanted to update

Update tool is locked!
Please contact your developer/support.


Can you help me

Please always check the documentation in your download before posting here. Your both question are already answered there. The reply time is 5 days and if you check the documentation, you no need to wait that long to get answer. Please check these faq in documentation “Why I can’t send emails?” and “Why the installer/update tool is locked?”

If you can’t get answer in the docs, you can always post here.

Thank you

i dont see social links in demo…to share threads to social networks

There is no such option available yet. Thank you


warsone Purchased


I have read the documents but there is no answer for my problem

I bought yesterday

1: The version I bought 0.6.1 Download

    Not new version 0.6.3

2: I am setting smtp correctly.

   Smtp Malfunction not working

3: Does not accept Turkish characters

  Turkish alphabet: a b c ç d e f g ğ h ı i j k l m n o ö p r s ş t u ü v y z

 Incorrect letters: ç ğ ı ö ş ü



sakangboy Purchased

i can check username password login out website by api?


warsone Purchased

No support for the product

$ 10 charge for installation

He charges $ 10 for errors in the item

Product version is old

You must pay $ 10 for the new version

Think carefully before you buy