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How can I move the left sidebar to the left of the main screen?

That would depend on your current theme. Send me a quick email from my profile and I will provide simple instructions.

How i can add extra options to editor in forum. like text color etc etc

Text color and other styling features are removed. To add font color and size, open up /modules/forum/script.js and right after 1.
maxHeight: 500,
plugins: ['fontcolor', 'fontsize'],
2. Open up /modules/forum/theme/current theme/main.php and search for
<script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo ADMINURL;?>/assets/js/editor.js"></script> 
right below add:
<script src="<?php echo ADMINURL;?>/assets/js/fontcolor.js"></script>
<script src="<?php echo ADMINURL;?>/assets/js/fontsize.js"></script>
There are 3 places in step 2 to be modified, just make sure you search for all of them.

Hi I was using your CMS Pro and simple forum. But I am facing an issue. Whenever the user logs in, it redirects to and 404 is encountered. Please can you help me with this. Am I missing smthng

Sorry, I don’t see your proof of purchase.

another employee bought it for the company.

In that case I will need license code, or this other employee will need to log in and post the question.

Why when you delete a comment in a post Total Replies continue the same number.

I applied the code below to add font size and color i need to change 500 for 700 for see icons but are in blank how can i add icon in menu to font size and font color???

Changes in color and font size are not saved show normal text when is saved.

Test it…

Can you please post a screenshot of what exactly you’re trying to do, or email me from my profile.

Hi, install it and when i add to the menu keeps taking me to 404 error page ? Any help will be grateful.

Did you unzip forum files into correct directory. Go to modules/ and make sure that forum folder is there.

Hi mate,

install the forum but every time i go to the link takes me to 404 error page ?

I see, Please send me a quick email from my profile, I will provide fix for it.


Got it. I will send it shortly.

CMS pro – Content Management System 1941a819-cff7-491d-ae5d-429ece845b77 – 8 Jun 2015 Shop Module for CMS pro 17801d33-1cde-465f-a1df-2846da66ece8 – 1 Nov 2015 Simple Forum Module for CMS pro 95687a0b-19da-4681-97af-9e2311c2b95d – 1 Nov 2015

i can’t to setup Shop Module,Simple Forum Module in cms pro possible you can help me please

FTP account has been created and is ready for use. Hostname: Username: admin_vivo Password: FHDzuKZX5I

Database has been created successfully. Database: admin_vivo User: admin_vivo Password: wkTSpasxH0

best Regards, Tanapat Jangtrakul

do you still provide support for this product because i’m poking at purchasing it?

Please Check your mail again.

Hey Alex, I left a message for you in your email, regarding an error on my site,Please do check. Thanks

Reply sent.

Hello Alex, but the board is not + can insert pictures ?? Stefano

You can insert images by entering a url, but you will not be able to browse to any folder.

So just by uploading sites.

Not by uploading, only by inserting.

hi i have problem forum not work they show no have link to topic

Unfortunately URLs containing non Latin characters can create an issue with browsers, and your site will not by indeed by search engine. The only solution is do modify slug relate function within cms pro to replay Thai letters into something equivalent to Latin. I can point you to, a right direction, just send me a quick email from my profil page.

i didn’t understand .,text(data) inside web can use thai language., (utf8_general_ci) but forum topic can’t do that : (

There is a difference between URL and content text.

for some reason URL’s are not showing up for me as a link in the forum, am i doing something wrong? or do i need to activate something? (i also tried using html tags and the usual url= forum tag just incase.)

I’m not sure, can you please provide your site URL? You can email me from my profile page.

Sugestion: if is possible: conditional fields *(for quotation and services) , price total and steps to complete the form

Sorry, I dont understand your question. Forum module does not have any type of forms

When update for close the topic function

All of the modules as well as cms pro will be released at once. As for date, I dont have it yet.

Is it possible to add a link element at forum editor?

and an image?

Sure, I can help,you with link, as for image, I would suggest using external URL, instead of allowing user to upload their own. Please email me from my profile page for instructions.

I am having problems with installation. Do you have installation instructions for this Simple Forum plugin?

Could you please email me from my profile page with your URL, and ftp access, and I will install it for you.

ok, I sent you email.

Can i have login details please so i can see admin controls? Thanks

admin and admin.. the Error mySQL WARNING! DB Error: mySQL Error on Query : DELETE FROM log WHERE ip=’’ AND type = ‘user’ More Information: Mysql Error : 1142 Mysql Error no # : DELETE command denied to user ‘cmspro’@’localhost’ for table ‘log’ Date : February 13, 2017, 2:38 pm Referer: 1 Script: /cmspro/page/login/

Forum module, does not have admin side, everything is managed from front end. As for database error What exactly are you trying to do?

the above error was on your public site

is it possible to set up in the Topic Content the limit of characters and if it is max of the limit goes in the below paragraph and not in the same row?

Yes it is possible.

Thanks and is possible to modify the settings and approve post like “Viewing CMS Comments” and the same like “Comments Configuration” Auto Approve Yes/No etc. I pay extra for this modify.

Why you dont create the setting from approve post like “Viewing CMS Comments” and the same like “Comments Configuration” Auto Approve Yes/No etc. Thanks

Hello, I just about to buy this product but just want to ensure one thing, is this product is ready made, which mean I just have to run it and import mysql to make it run? Thanks

No, in order to use Forum module, you will need cms pro.


aloyoon Purchased

when are yo going to update this ?

Not for now.