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any idea if you will be updating this to work in 5.0? Thanks

I don’t have eta at this time, but it will be updated definatelly.

excuse me, do you still sell this script ? i like to have one, but i want to test first.

yes, its still available, but only for cms pro v4

the demo site is off

No, its not go to old site

The link you provided has 2 links option, 1 is, What is the admin password? 2 is What i want to see is the real demo forum site instead of this landing page

All login info is provided under item description:
Username: admin
Password: admin
go to or admin page and login with credential above. You will have access to forum module and everything else

Hi Alex, any idea if you will be updating this to work in 5.1? Thanks

Sorry, I dont have any eta at this time


z3h1r Purchased


any news regarding update to work with V5 CMS??

Sorry, not yet. Shop modules is to be converted next in line

Please provide upgrade for V5 CMS soon

As of now now I dont have eta for forum module yet.


z3h1r Purchased

Hi Alex. When are yo going to update this ?

Next in line is booking module, then forum.

Hi gewa13, Thanks for such great scripts. I have bought -CMS pro (Content Management System) and I need to buy Simple Forum Module, My question is, are the user in CMS Pro will be the same with a simple Forum module? Thanks

Forum module is compatible only with cms pro v.4 not v.5. As for users, yes the same registered uses in cms pro will have access to forum module, it does not require additional registration.

Hi, Im ready to buy if is possible to make it compatible with v5 . Please inform me.

Sorry, it’s not compatible with v5.