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So I added

‘forbidden’=>array(’=’, ’”’, ’<’, ’>’)

and if i add

it breaks the form and doesnt remove the illegal characters. any idea why?

The code didnt show. Trying again. <img src="123.jpg" />

Hello and thanks for purchasing
please note that the forbidden method simply check against those values in the string. The returned value in case of error is the one the user wrote.

In my plugins to avoid problems I use this function to sanitize values in fields

function gg_sanitize_input($val) {
    return trim(
        str_replace(array('"', '<', '>'), array('"', '<', '>'), (string)$val)


just now i purchased and got error while installing this add-on to my website. so please help me in this case.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Is a tool for PHP developers, the documentation explains its usage

The documentation is not clear for me, if you don’t mind send demo videos so everyone who purchases this product can understand easily. I am starter to learn php.

The demo works with AJAX, but the validation part is the one written in the snippets.

Is pretty simple, the class handles data and puts everything in arrays.

Hello from Germany. The Translate Function are not work :-( i try 2 hours. And is NOT work. Pleace Help!! gettext is supported Mike

Have you tried on another server? (if you can do that)

Otherwise I have no other clues. The PHP codes to call a specific languag are already used in the class.

Dear LCweb,

I wish to purchase your class but I have one presale question:

I want to build WordPress form builder plugin then sale it, If I purchased your class can I use it in that plugin? Is there any issue with the license?

Best Regards,


Please I don’t understand now can I purchase the regular licence to do that or not?

Because I thing my plugin will not sale too much or will not sale at all with the too many form builder plugins and its price will be low also its very simple and its just an idea now.

Is not a fact to sell a lot or not: standard is only for one project and not resell.

Plus, if you plan to sell on Codecanyon you should ask to Envato support is using store classes is allowed. Sincerely I don’t know that point.

Anyway: extended is the minimum requirement

Thank you for your time, I’ll see what can I do.

Dear LCweb,

I purchased two copies of your class, extended and regular licences, I think that is more than fair ;)

Now I have this problem.

To validate uploads in your class I need to create array like this:

$indexes[] = array('index'=>'upload_file', 'label'=>'Upload', 'ul_required'=>true, 'min_filesize'=>100, 'max_filesize'=>1024, 'mime_type'=>array('image/jpeg', 'image/png'));

Instead I want to pass the ‘mime_type’ array like this:

'mime_type'=>array('jpeg', 'png')

Just the extensions.

Can you please help me to achieve that?

Best Regards,


Hi Mohammed and many thanks for purchasing :)

my validation checks file mime types that are safer. To use just extensions you’d need to change code at line 499

  1. getting the file name
  2. using strrpos() to check last dot position
  3. get the clean extension and check against your ones

Thank you for your rapid answer, I’ll try to do that and see what I’ll get.

I purchased this plug along with 5 of you other plugins thinking this was a WordPress plugin. Can I get a refund or credit the the php validator plugin?

I’m sorry but you purchased it many time ago, can’t give a refund in this case. (and would be in cases of “no refunds” by envato rules in any case)

please provide a example or sample file. how to use. I’m php developer but your documentation can;t clear how to use it, please provide any example file. my email id is classicsunil[at]

what can i do this script, waste of money, if no support system why are you sell this item, please refund the amount

Everyone please never buy this script because without support this script is Zero,

You simply can’t complain about support since is clearly written it isn’t supported due to new Envato policies.

Stated this: is just a basic PHP class handling forms data. It has documentation and has been used and enjoyed by 200+ customers.
Plus, it’s the validation engine of all LCweb’s plugins.

What else to say? It just handles any $_POST or $_GET variable in the PHP page. Is usable by anyone having basic PHP skills.

You action is raju.php? Just initialize it in there as explained in documentation or live demo.

Why ruin a a 4 years rating because of your “incompetence”? Please check again and (if in good faith) review your rating. thanks