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Awesome script. Is there a way to only show pictures from a certain set?

I used phpflickr library and there is a method which gets photos by photoset.

I haven’t tried to get photos from a set. But there is usage difference between this method and the method which i used. So there will some problems with request and response.

This script not prepared to show spesific photoset’s photos. But if you really need this, i can support you.

if you could help me that would be great, I checked out the other flickr script on here and I like your layout, but i need to show different photo sets on different pages.

can you email me to

can I easily remove the comment section?



Yes of course you can.

It’s very easy. There is a comment code block in photo.php file. If you want to disable to show comments, you can delete or comment that lines. Actually main comment printing line is 55th line in photo.php, but there is 10-15 lines above that line which gets comments on flickr. That lines not printing but if you want to disable comments, you should delete or comments that lines too.


I also wanted to use this to pick up a sets Would this be possible?

Hi, i’d like to be able to show the list of existing sets, then sellect one and view the pictures of it. It’s it possible?

It’s not possible in this script. But if you want to do this, you can free to extend this script with using phplickr library which is using flickr api directly.

Is this still supported? Was the ‘sets’ question ever addressed? I could end up buying multiple copies of this for a few different domains if I can find out where it stands… thanks

Probably flickr api methods changed. And i want to write a new version of this script, but i don’t know when.

Hi I just bought the file it looks really nice but it was a turn off when I click on the images it goes to another page, is there anyway to integrate lightbox with it? also i noticed that the pictures are name by code is there any way to show the fisrt 10 or 16 characters of the description of the picture instead the code id or date?

The rest it loos very nice job please let me know it thnk you.


Please, if you can help me. When I put your example with your ID or my ID nothing is displayed!

  • I’ve tested it on three different host and same problem! what to do??

Thank you,

Are you getting any error? Are you seeing the example user id’s photos? If yes, can you check you’re setting your id right. And also make sure you have public pictures in your flickr account. If you don’t have any public pictures that might be the reason. Check your photos publicity options.


I would like to delete these elements: “My Flickr Photos” the text regarding the count i.e. “10 photos listing in 1 pages” and also the view options i.e. “Simple Theme Black Theme Grid View List View”

Can you tell me a simple way of deleting this information off the gallery? This is for an urgent project, if you could get back to me today this would be most helpful.

If you want to remove header says My Flickr Photos, delete this code block: <div class=”head”> <h1><a href=”./” class=”homelink”>My Flickr Photos</a></h1> </div> from template/header.tpl file.

If you want to remove the toolbar (which contains info, theme and view buttons) just remove code block: <div class=”toolbar”> <div class=”info”>info</div> <div class=”buttons”> <a class=”simple” href=”uri&setTheme=simple”>Simple Theme</a> <a class=”black” href=”uri&setTheme=black”>Black Theme</a> <a class=”grid” href=”uri&setView=grid”>Grid View</a> <a class=”list” href=”uri&setView=list”>List View</a> </div> </div>

from template/index.tpl and thats it.





If we were to purchase then we would want an ajax (pretty photo / lightbox / whatever) effect when photo is clicked, and it would show how many comments (e.g. Comments: 5) and the option to click on this, to view them. This would result in NOT having to switch pages all the time! Also, allow viewing / submitting comments without changing pages too!

Looking forward to your feedback.

P.s. Do you provide discounts for volume licences? (e.g. integration of your app into a project).


I purchased your code and it works great. How would I implement this as a Wordpress template? I’ve tried putting it in my theme folder but it doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

I wouldn’t you to embed this inside a theme. But you can init wordpress in the beginning of the file and you can replace template’s header and footer with wordpress header and footer. It’s not very easy. Instead you can create same main navigation for your site and put in the header of the gallery. So your users use the gallery looks like they are still in the site.

This script is working out perfectly, thank you. I have the same question as the first post here about pulling from individual sets in Flickr. Were you able to resolve that for them? If so, can you pass along instructions to do this? Thank you!

hello your script works, but when I click on an image of the gallery it shows me the code of the page photo.php

Can you help me

ok , it’s just the short tag <? , I replaced by <?php and its work now

Hello , is it possible to display the big photo on the same page ( i use include php ) thanks


I got all those errors! :(

Strict Standards: Redefining already defined constructor for class Net_URL in /home/gouttier/public_html/codes/lib/PEAR/Net/URL.php on line 122

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/gouttier/public_html/codes/lib/PEAR/Net/URL.php:122) in /home/gouttier/public_html/codes/starter.php on line 23

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/gouttier/public_html/codes/lib/PEAR/Net/URL.php:122) in /home/gouttier/public_html/codes/starter.php on line 40

Strict Standards: Non-static method PEAR::isError() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in /home/gouttier/public_html/codes/lib/PEAR/HTTP/Request.php on line 590

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Please help me, I change my userid but this script don’t run

Live preview doesn’t work..