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Good luck with selling! :)


Awesome script my friend. I would like to have it so it would be secured like your other files. But as it is now, Great piece of work. GLWS

LOL I mean with a login script.

Oh.. for that I have other script know. So I made this simple without login, to use easily in front end users. Anyone can secure file explorer part inside any secured area so easily.

New feature added called “File Manager Administrator” Now you have secured login system and open file manager.

COOL, I will have too purchase this bad boy :-)

Yes, That is what I was talking about!!! Next week I will buy this one also. You are a great script author Mr. Nelliwinne. All your scripts are excellent!! Keep up the awesome work.

I have hosting with godaddy. Can view image on server as if now it show only as file cannot make out image from file. I run a prestashop store and prestashop create image with name and file size on server. Once product is sold and deleted I Need to delete image on server.

1) Yes my server has php 5.4 2) Will I be able to explorer folder move from folder to folder images are stored in different folder img/p/1/0/3/1 img/p/2/1/3/1 img/p/2/1/4/1

What I mean will I be able select different folder one at a time deleted unwated images from one folder than move to another folder

3) delete button on software will that permanently remove image from server?

1. Explore Single Folder Yes. Moving one to another folder is not available. If you need explor different folders this script is not the option and better to get previously suggested FTP Made Easy PRO script. But moving folder to folder is not available as for now. But if you really need this moving option I can make that option at “FTP Made Easy PRO” script for you after you purchase it.

2. Yes, deleting will be permanent.

Please send me email to premasirinelliwinne@gmail.com with your full requirement, I will see whether I can create options to this script to suit your requirement. If you can explain it with screenshots or something it’s better.

Hi, i buy your script and it is very nice. but there is no sensitivity when searching uppercase lowercase. please help me

Solution found and now at demo.

Thank you for your interest

Great. Please wait untill the package is approved. If you need urgent, please send me email. I’ll send you updated files.

hi can this script be private i mean that need password to access it? thx

There is a password protected file manager along with the package. If you want to put uploader to this secured area I can do that for free. Once you purchase just send me support message.


I’ve followed the instructions on how to upload the files etc….

It uploads the images etc, but it doesn’t list the images that are stored in the fileFolder.


Any ideas?

Thanks Iain

Hi, I there is a server error and page is failed to load. This would be most probably “Call to undefined function mime_content_type() ” error. Please check your error log for this.

If this is the error, that means your server does not have fileinfo installed. using cpanel administrator account you can configure it very easily.

Please activate file info at cpanel and then all will be fine.

Let me know what happens to my email premasirinelliiwnne@gmail.com or send me a support message using support tab above. Then I can help you on this.

Hello, pre purchase question: can I upload files above 1GB with this script (on my own dedicated server)

Yes. But remember that php.ini settings must allow that for file uploads. If your php settings allows, script can do that.

does it upload as chunks of data? I read a stackoverflow post about it that best approach is splitting data into chunks : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16102809/how-to-upload-large-files-above-500mb-in-php

Well. It does not use chunks. It sues Dropzone.js to upload. You can google how dropzone.js works. This script uses open source dropzone to upload and PHP to handle files in server side.

Hi there, it doesn’t appear to accept .zip files. Is there a way of overriding this? It accepts all other file types I’ve tested. Thanks.

I sent you a mail I hope.

Hi, I follow the instruction, but now when I upload a file I don’t see that file on admin panel. When I login into cPanel I see those files on the fileFolder. I change folder permistion to 777 still i dont see the files.

Sorry for the delay in reply. It was mid night here in Sri Lanka.

Well. It might be a DB library issue (PHP Server Issue). Just send me your error log relating to the URL of admin panel. You can send it as a Support Message using Support tab above.

Simple File Uploader Explorer and Manager v1 unrestricted file upload Vulnerability

This issue was fixed. Thanks.