Simple File Uploader, Explorer and Manager - PHP based Secured File Manager

Simple File Uploader, Explorer and Manager - PHP based Secured File Manager

Simple File Uploader and Explorer is a simple PHP Script to upload files and manage them. The drag and drop file uploader is the main feature of this script. It allows you to upload multiple files very fast and easy way. All files are stored in a writable folder (fileFolder). Once the files are uploaded they can be viewed in Download Files section. Also you can search files, view thumbnails and Download Files.

File Manager Administrator

There is separate login based secured Page called “File Manager Administrator”. This part is for administrative user to manage files. Difference between General File Explorer and File Manager Administrator is security and file delete facility. General File Manager can view by any user and File Manager Administrator is secured with login script.

Integrating on existing code library

This script is written in very easy way to integrate to any existing web site or web based application.
  1. Drag and Drop File Up Loader
  2. Progressive Bard
  3. Bootstrap Based File Manager
  4. Image Thumbnail View
  5. View File Type
  6. View File Size
  7. Download and View File List
  8. Download and Delete Files using File Manager Administrator
  9. No Database Used for Admin Login, so Simple to Integrate
  10. Sample Pages Available for Uploader and File Explorer
  11. Administrative File Manager is Separate Feature from File Explorer where you have extra privileges

Change Log

  1. 2016-10-23 : Update :grin: New Feature added. Password Protected File Manager with File deleting facility
  2. 2016-12-07 : Update :grin: Case sensitive Search.
  3. 2016-12-07 : Update :grin: Folder View Error fixing