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demo seems to be down.

Also, from the screenshots they make it look like I have an unlimited amount of uploads if unregistered, but if I register I am limited to only 100MB.

Is that just the way your demo was setup, or will I not be able to control the max amount an unregistered user is able to upload? The script makes unregistered user is more appealing.

Demo is back, I did not take into account people might intentionally disable it, made changes so that won’t happen again. There is no real way to limit the guests to a certain amount of space. I could use cookies/sessions/IP’s but that is not a very good option.

The script does allow you to disable the ability for Unregistered users to upload (Set max filesize/group quota to 0). If you are concerned about Unregistered users, the best bet would be to disable their ability to upload.

I did spend some time thinking about how to go about limiting unregistered users, but I was too concerned that users might have problems uploading regardless of what I did and that it would be best to not impose any kind of restrictions, and rather have the site owner decide to disable their ability to upload.

SFS is a brand new product, so if you have any thoughts on how to make things better, I will take them into account for future versions.

Good script, good luck with sales! :)

Nice work, GLWS! :)

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Hello, you can pass me your skype?, I want to talk in private, thank you!

My Skype is listed in the install docs. It’s SocketScripts


Hi what is the max upload file size that admin can set and what file formats are suported

The max upload size can be anything (PHP.ini settings must match though). I currently do not have anything coded to restrict particular file formats, it was suggested that I implement such a feature and I might have it out in the next few weeks if there is enough interest. If you have any further questions, let me know!

Does this have a mp3/video viewer ??


I apologize for the slow reply, I did not get a notification about your comment but I am always on Skype (Contact info in install guide). This script does not have an MP3/Video viewer as my script was only designed to be a file sharing service, not something to watch videos with. I might consider adding support for video viewing in the future with some of those HTML5 video players I’ve seen around.

1. How long the Next Update will be..? 2. Can tmdhosting 2,83/Month Plan is suitable for this.? 3. If you add report this file in download page.?

The 2,83/month plan appears to be shared hosting. This script requires a VPS since you have to install Nginx to get it to work and that is nothing a shared hosting provider will permit. I have another version already prepared for release, but I was planning on holding back until I had a serious feature to release. The last comment suggested a video viewer so this weekend I will be looking at that, perhaps something for DMCA requests as well. I’d say depending on how hard such a thing is to do, about 2 weeks.

or which host plan is best, help me fast to buy it please.

You need a VPS to setup and run this script, sorry for the delay, been coding on other projects.

Auto Delete is in Next Upload.? on file keep for Ever.?

Auto Delete was not enabled in the current release because no cron functionality was developed, but it’s coming. The core feature is already built into the API, just have to work on the front end aspect. EDIT: You seem to have a lot of questions, feel free to add me to Skype (SocketScripts) if you would like to talk. For the price you can’t find anything better, I assure you of that.

demo not working :(

The demo works fine. User/Admin login page works. What specifically is the problem with the demo? If you mean you cannot upload, that is so I don’t have to worry about DMCA issues.

Does the file manager support folders or other ways to organize files? Or is it just one big file list? Thanks!

For the moment it’s one big list. Development has been stalled due to low sales, but if things pickup I plan to make a lot of improvements such as an improved file manager, limit uploads by file type, download counter, etc.

I hope the file manager is coming up. It would be great

Like I would ever buy something, where the demo redirects me to advertise4all.

Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale

Bought this script contacted creator via email, Skype and their helpesk and not a single reply. Very poor support.

Support is not provided for this item as displayed on the item page and at the top of the comments page, as I don’t want to get into the business of managing servers for people. I did help a number of people, but it became too much work. The install instructions work, but you need to know enough about Linux to setup things on your own. It takes a bit of knowledge to setup your various servers if you are going to run a file sharing service. I’ve approved your refund request as it’s clear you are not going to be able to setup and maintain things on your own. I wish you the best.

You have changed it to no support don’t try and be sneaky I have screensshot of it saying supported and confirmed with envato I can post the info for everyone to see of you’d like?. So you don’t support a script which you said was supported and it took nearly 2 weeks to inform me of such. I have more than enough to knowledge to set this up, even you documents says things may not work and there could be bugs. You did not approve any refund it was already handled via envato when I complained to them which I’m guessing is the reason you actually decided to reply.