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When I go to download it throws up 404. How can I fix this?

... and the 404 message is not the SFS-styled.

Several reasons can cause this

  • have you uploaded the .htaccess file?
  • mod_rewrite enabled [and allowance to use it (AllowOverrideAll)]?

above point fulfilled, still no luck

  • maybe the working directory on the webserver is not a “real one”.
    Please open your .htaccess and uncomment
    #RewriteBase /
    RewriteBase /
    is the absolute path to you installation URL -> /sharer/ -> /

still no luck?

i.e. on godaddy hosts it’s maybe necessary to add

Options -Multiviews

to the top of your .htaccess

When I click to download a file start the counter but download doesn’t start, just start the counter again.

Seems to be a timezone issue – maybe you set the wrong timezone in your config.php


AND/OR there are differences between the timezone of your webserver and your database server
to examine both time(zone)s please create a file called tz.php with this content:


echo "<h4>Webserver-Date</h4>" . date("Y-m-d H:i:s") . " TZ: " . date_default_timezone_get();

$sql = "select now() as d, @@session.time_zone as tz";
$res = dbquery($sql);
$row = mysql_fetch_object($res);
echo "<h4>Databaseserver-Date</h4>" . $row->d . " TZ: " . $row->tz;

upload it to SFS’s root directory and call it with your browser.

Ideally the shown times shold be equal, something like
2014-09-25 08:41:59 TZ: Europe/Vienna
2014-09-25 08:41:59 TZ: SYSTEM

If not, there’re a few ways to solve the issue:

A. removing timezone definition
open config.php and comment or remove the line with the timezone


then try again to call tz.php, both will now have the SYSTEM’s timezone.

NOTE: with removing/commenting this line you might get timezone-entries in your error_log with the info that you have to set the timezone

B. set the timezone of your mysql server
default_time_zone in my.cnf -> just google it, it’s your server :)

C. ask your hoster

D. set another PHP timezone
play with the values for the date_default_timezone_set in the config.php to make both times equal
List of supported Timezones:

E. a future version of SFS will have another solution for this
will be released Sep/Oct 2014