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is it Legal to call OneDrive , Google Drive, DropBox links for excel sheet?

Yes, it is completely on the compliance on the cloud storages. Even google drive wants to act like CMS for images, html

Can we customize the Logo’s , Subject icons ?

Yes, ReadMe file in the downloaded zip contains the detailed info.

Does it support Foreign Language/characters ?

We tested the app on foreign language text/characters. It works.

How many characters the question can contains?

For better view , we recommend to maintain 300 characters. If the question has more than 300 characters, scroll view will be enabled.

How is security maintained?

All the questions & Answars are available in password encrypted data of excel sheet. Only the administrator can open / update the sheet. However, we recommend to have password length with more 8 characters and mixed of alphabets, numericals and special chars. Appreciate your question. Thanks.

I am getting Dex Error?

For any additional dependency packages, it may reach to 65k+ public methods which will cause the Dex Error. Try to remove the Google play Services dependency ,comment the AdMob code and try it.

I am facing GC errors on my eclipse, How can i proceed?

Please update the eclipse.ini file with the following param’s.

For a 6 GB windows laptop, you can add 3 GB Max Size: -Xms2048M -Xmx3072M -XX:MaxPermSize=256m

This should work with out any GC issues.

I am a Freelancer and I have more than one client looking for this App to customize it. What is the relevant license applicable to me?

The end product is having multiple versions, so Extended License is applicable.

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