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is it android studio or eclipse? plz provide me your skype id i want app

Skype I’d : cnuonline

Can an explanation be provided for answers which are answered wrongly, if yes how much big explanation does it support (character length). Does it have latest admob sdk

Yes. It has option placeholder for wrong answars. Supports 5 KB of data for better visualization. It has 6 months old admob SDK .

hello can i use this application in arabic language ? and the text from right to left ? can i change “police” of text ? i have some question with 400 words , this app can supported ? thank you

HELLo can you send me password of ficher excel that content database my email: ahizoune.mohammed@gmail.com

HELLO , I SEND for you about align right to left, but any anser … please give me your facebook to cantact you

Hi Mohammed, previous changes shared by email belongs to mobiquiz rather then simple exam. My team will be back from the long weekend holidays from tomorrow. Your request is prioritized.

do you do freelance work? and can you make it so completed exams are exported to email?

Dear Jackson, we will accept the customisation and we have a small team to accept the freelance. Please shoot email support@kloudportal.com

Is it Android Studio Code or Ecipse

Hi Sir… I purchased the Project.. But it contains Eclipse Code files and Read Me File is also given for Eclipse.. Where is Android Studio Code.. And One Thing is that Sample Excel File is locked..hence We can’t prepare Sample Questions of our Own.. Please provide a Another Sample File in Source Code without Password…so that it can give us clear view of sectioning of model questions

Intertitial Ads?

Only banner ads are configured. Please share the contact info to support@kloudportal.com for sharing the code reference.

good. but no update no admin panel as well as no user web panel!

App works with excelsheet questions & answars. You need to push the excelsheet on dropbox. No Admin panel, User Web panel. Zero costs on hosting.

We have similar product MobiQuiz with different skin.

admob inters ads?

Interestial ads are not available. We can share the integration snippet


sadiqag Purchased

I purchased the Project But it contains Eclipse Code files and Read Me File is also given for Eclipse, how to import it to android studio

1. Start Android Studio and close any open Android Studio projects. 2. From the Android Studio menu click File > New > Import Project. ... 3. Select the Eclipse ADT project folder with the AndroidManifest.xml file and click Ok. 4. Select the destination folder and click Next.

If you are still having the issues, please email support@kloudportal.com