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Having re-read your email I see that there appears to be a problem when trying to index the site using Wrensoft. This is software I’m unfamilar with.

Simply put, the script works as it should but your Wrensoft indexing software is having a problem reading the links. Sorry but I am unable to offer any further support as the script works as intended and if you introduce 3rd party software I cannot control how the script may operate.


Regardless of Wrensoft, my simple question is how to stop your script from adding the html code to the files after the EOF code. Please leave Wrensoft aside and help me understanding why is this html code added to the pdf files ? Thanks

I have tried with 2 separate PDF files in both IE9 and Firefox and the PDF ’s open directly from the browser with no problems, and saving them to the desktop they open with no problems also.

There is no way the script can append anything to any file.

I’m having an issue with the counter updating. The script functions fine. Allows download and even writes the counter.txt file. However the counter php displayed on the site will not display the latest download count unless I erase my browser’s cache.!folio/project-1.php

I believe it may be due to the fact that it’s an ajax element that is pulling content from a different page into the index. If you could take a look i’d really appreciate it. Thanks! awesome tool by the way ;)

Thanks for the purchase. This script doesn’t use any Ajax elements so not sure why you’re experiencing these issues, as long as you refresh your Browser window the counter should update. It’s a simple PHP call to read in the counter file so should behave as expected.

Have you tried another browser? There could be some advanced cache settings in your current browser which you may be able to tweak?

Is there any way to count total number of downloads?

Hi there, not by default but it would be easily achievable with some extra PHP code.

Thanks for a great script – Saves a lot of time for me. I have a question… In order to allow new files generated by server-side automagically, do I just redeclare the $settings var to the necessary variable needed to generate the new files? I’m assuming that as long as the new variable is an array it shouldn’t be an issue, but maybe I should go back and take a closer look. I’m not the best programmer, but I’m assuming the declaring anything to the [‘allowed_downloads’] would be ok as long as I rename the same var in the statement as well. Thanks again

Thanks for the purchase and yes, you’re correct, declaring anything to the ‘allowed_downloads’ array will make sure it’s allowed for download.

Your code in the index file that allows to show how many time the file has been download is not correct. On other hand, it does not show how many times the files has been downloaded but instead I get this.

’.$count.’’; @fclose($open); ?>

Please fix!


The code is fine, you’re doing something wrong. Contact me via my profile for further assistance. You’re possibly missing the opening <?php statement to declare the start of the PHP code. Thanks for the purchase.

Buddy, look at your code, when you open up the index file without even modifying the code, and you try to even preview your code that way you have set it up. It doesnt even show the count number. It shows the files, you where you counter should be it shows again

’.$count.’’; @fclose($open); ?>

I took you code and try fixing it… but this is something that is setup the wrong way when one purchases the code. Thanks for the quick response thou

The code’s fine.


I’m very interest by this script. However, I am not expert in PHP and I would like to know if it’s easy customizable with knowledge of HTML?


Hi, yes it’s very easy to add to any HTML page (assuming you rename any HTML page it’s included on to have a .php extension!)

Hi, I am having problems with the counter. Can you check it and tell me what I am doing wrong? The counter is at the bottom of the page…

The coupons are the downloads and the counter is under the map, the small zero to the left….

Hi there, it’s difficult to know, the download link looks OK, double-check the settings file to make sure everything’s set right, make sure the counter file is present, if not create it and try again.

Thanks for the purchase, hope the above helps.

Hello dear author. Thanks for script. I have a little problem with change download links to read “download.php?” Step 7 in your readme.txt My html with download file is : href=”/assets/”> and if I replace to

Hi there, all files you want available for download need to be placed in the downloads folder you specify in the settings file. Your comment is not complete so not entirely sure if that answers your question, please contact me via my profile for further assistance.

Thank you for nice and quick response

Hi there DEV, just got your script and it seems to work fine :) Can you please help me do a small modification to it please !?

I only want to count how many time someone clicks the “submit” button in a form… thank you!

Overall, well done!

Thanks, this script is a download counter but for what you describe you need a click counter. Hope this helps.

True, anyways i’ve managed with another script to count clicks and yours will do its purpose :) Thanks!

Before I purchase this, is it set up to specify the location of each individual file for downloading? Or does there have to be a central directory that all of the files must live in?

Hi, this is designed to use a central download folder.


First of all you made a good work with the counter. Before I buy it I want to know if it is possible to get the counter value for an external source.

I am making a counter and I want to show the number of time that the app has been downloaded. I got by the backend team a variable to get that number but I don’t know if I can integrate it with your code.

Please let me know if it is possible and how to do it please.

- Alex

Hi there, the code reads the counter display from a physical ‘counter’ file, if your external script creates a file where it stores the count number then this should be possible, otherwise I would recommend you look for another solution.

Will this work within a form? ... my downloads are accessed via a pulldown.


Hi there, yes it should do, just reference the correct download URL for each file via the form.

Does this script also save the counts within the database?

Hi, this script doesn’t require a DB, it’s flat-file driven, so stores the counts in a physical file.

Thanks for your reply. That’s great. One more question, If I were to move the site from either a new server or change the site to a completely new domain name will this erase any stored counts on files? In other words is there any way I can loss the data stored on the files?

Hi there, as long as you move/retain the count file then you won’t lose any count data.


Does this script show the total number of downloads unique to each user or does it count the total downloads of everyone who has accessed the site? And does it work on Chrome?

Hi, it shows the total number of downloads for a particular file, across all users/visitors. If you know a bit of PHP it would be easy to change to a per-user basis depending on the type of user system you’re using. I believe it works in Chrome although don’t use that browser so can’t confirm. If you try the demo for yourself using Chrome.

For some reason the text file is not being created, but when I manually create the text file in my counters folder and type in a number it shows, but it does not update when downloading the file. Also I am using godaddy hosting.

Sounds like a permissions issue or incorrect setting for the location of the counter file. Does your PHP output errors to screen or a log file? Could you have a look to see what the error is and I can help further. Thanks.

Ah the counters folder didn’t have the required permissions, i changed it to have full access to read and write files and now it works! Thanks :)

Great, thanks for letting me know.

Hi, I have been looking for a simple download counter and I stumbled over your plugin “Simple Download Counter”. However the plugin looks like it hasn’t been updated for the last 6 years, so before buying anything, I was wondering if it is actually maintained? 3 dollars is a bargain but I don’t want to waste unnecessary money just because it’s cheap =)

Have a nice day!

Hi, thanks for the message. As it works as intended, and as it’s a simple script, it doesn’t require much in the way of updating but I actively respond to all messages on Envato so drop me a line if you have any issues.

Hello… i’m interested with your Download Counter plugin. Can this plugin make a count from external download links? i saved my assests on other hosting and put the links available to download on my page..

Thanks rgrds

Hi there, it can only count from locally hosted download files. Thanks.

hi buddy i got this today set it up works great except for one thing… the files i have to download are android apk files… it downloads them but it gives me a parse error … anything you think i need to change to give me the full output? other then that this script is a steal thank you for this

Thanks for the purchase and glad you like it. Can you contact me via my profile with a screenshot of the error message and I’ll try and assist further. Cheers.