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Is this Script Ready for Nginx Webserver ?

Yes, It’s supported. There is a nginx configuration included at the file.

My Nginx is not working wha i’m missing ?

If you use the nginx config included in this file. Please add this under your nginx dir named /etc/nginx/cache_expires.conf

# Expire rules for static content # cache.appcache, your document html and data location ~* \.(?:manifest|appcache|html?|xml|json)$ { expires -1; # access_log logs/static.log; # I don't usually include a static log } # Feed location ~* \.(?:rss|atom)$ { expires 1h; add_header Cache-Control "public"; } # Media: images, icons, video, audio, HTC location ~* \.(?:jpg|jpeg|gif|png|ico|cur|gz|svg|svgz|mp4|ogg|ogv|webm|htc|woff)$ { expires 1w; access_log off; add_header Cache-Control "public"; } # CSS and Javascript location ~* \.(?:css|js)$ { expires 1M; access_log off; add_header Cache-Control "public"; }

What is Pngquant ? Do I need this ?

Pngquant is an system application which run on backend that used for compressing PNG images. As I tested at GTMetrix.com, for best result to load website is when the images compressed losslessly. It means the images are compressed to small size but with same image quality.

Open pngquant.org for sample.

If you install the script at VPS or DS, or even on Colocation you can add pngquant by yourself. But if you install it on shared hosting, most hosting hadn’t install it by default. If there is no pngquant available at the server, it’s okay. The script is still work, but with no image compression. It means the page load is not as fast when using pngquant.

See this image :

Why does the Themes layout is so simple ?

Our answer is for SEO purpose. As we all know, this script is for selling digital files. As store the main purpose is to get more revenue. By making the layout so simple it makes the load page more fast. Google love fast site. That’s why we make themes with a simple and lightweight to catch the google requirements.

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