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hi how to update this ?

thank you for update

how to upgrade ?

Hi, sorry for late reply. I just arrive from my grandparent funeral.

to upgrade just open at your browser http://yourdomain.com/upgrade.php


I logged in the demo, put a user can’t add an item to sell ? how does that work ?

it’s work now with v2.0 please try it at http://genixmarket-dg.ga


bought this and expected not to have to put in the Paypal API credential stuff. I do not have a business account on paypal due to the fact that my parents won’t let me enter in my social security number. Any help here?

Any help?

Item upload only White page after upload? please help

sorry for taking too long. i’m improving the script including security issue with xss, csrf and sqli. i’ve just release the update for v2.0

If It exist commisiun I’ll buy it. Do you think it?

It is exist, I didn’t see it sorry. Nice Script brother, I’ll buy tonight.

Hello greate app when next is your update, How soon will you add audio and video items type, and it GeniXCMS easy to understand and edit for beginners, and if am buying are you available for little custom

And can this script sell audio/Video file and player feature for buyer to listing to the file befor buying

this script already updated to v2.0 see the sneak peek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXdzQgPg1D8

you can see the demo at http://genixmarket-dg.ga

see detail at the item page.

Tell me when there are updates or project stalled ?

it’s updated see the demo. http://genixmarket-dg.ga

The demo is not working ¿?

demo isn’t working

If you fix the demo, I will buy it!

are multi language supported like arabic

are there admin panel i cant find here in demo

it’s supported. just set the header charset at the settings, there is admin panel.

Did this script has an affiliate option?

no it’s not yet implemented

its not working…. after alot of fixes !!! NOT WORK! either your demo work!

sorry for taking so long. there are so many security issues at the last release. we had launch the v2.0 of this script. you can see the demo at the item page.

Live preview is not working

coming soon. still fixing some issue and add improvement for sitemap for google indexing purpose.

i’m uploading the item, still waiting for approval. i can send it to your email if you want to. please contact me to my contact form so i can reply you, thanks

i’ve already sent you the script. please check your spam folder. because i sent you zip file.

Can your software accept multiple authors? and how do they get notification when their product has been purchase?

yes it accept multiple author. notifications will be sent to buyer and seller email.

Demo Link doesnt work currently.

Can user deposit credits and pay for items with balance?

Are you selling a virus? My anti-virus software blocks your site.

we are still working on it. to make deposit and pay with balance. demo site is not live yet.

Can you add more payment option or just add 1 more “Bank Transfer” manual payment option ? and when the next update will be here?

We are still developing the other payment processor. We will add 2co as alternative for paypal payment. since there are people who can’t create paypal for business.

About Bank Transfer, we will think about it.

We still didn’t know when the next update will release.