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What an awesome idea :)


Not to be rude but this captcha can be broken very very easy. I can have a script written which breaks this in less than 1 hour and the success rate will be 100%.

You should add distortion to it which would make it more difficult and also have different backgrounds. Also add different fonts in different colors and sizes.

Hope this feedback helps you to improve on this. Good start.

Thanks for your review but the script already has the features you’ve mentioned. All you have to do is upload the font you want. Also you can change the image background very easy with any you want.

once i disabled result in mathcaptcha.class.php

public $showres = 0;

I ‘m getting the image with numbers on top half hidden It’s behaving randomly sometimes showing numbers in the middle.

this sucks.http://codecanyon.net/images/smileys/crying.png


link is broken

Can you fix the live demo link please?

Not working, after inserting correct answer nothing happen.

Not getting any image for the captcha?