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Hi. Can you help me to make drop-down menu on this one?

Thanks, A

Hi akatarov,

I’m working on that for the next version.

Your Live Preview is a 404 :(

Hey Krypto4,

I’ve removed the live preview and uploaded a video preview, I guess there’s something wrong with CodeCanyon.

I’ll try to figure something out with CodeCanyon.

Sorry about that.

I’d like to see this menu with the icons being completely hidden until mouse over of the individual buttons. Any chance of this option?

Hi Gutspiller,

sorry about the late answer, yes, the menu have that option.

I’ll upload a video preview to CodeCanyon, just wait for the guys to approve it.

Gutspiller, you can check the video.

It’s small, don’t know why, I’ve sent them a good resolution video.

Thanks, that’s what I was hoping for. Bookmarked for future projects.

You can mention on your product page for users to right click the video and toggle fullscreen, where the resolution can be seen better, if getting CC to fix the default size is an issue.

Good luck with sales.

Hi, where can I see the rest of the icons?

Hi 2fast2good,

I’ll post a screenshot with all the icons.

Hi 2fast2good,

I’ll post a screenshot with all the icons.

Hi, How to change width of menu? the last one is too large…

Hi Ibacc,

if you check the css3-menu.css file right on the 2nd line there’s the width of the menu.

It’s set to 960px, just change that.

How to set an active <il> when it clicked?

I didn’t developed that detail.

But I’ll add it to the 2nd version of the menu.

Sorry about that.

ok, waiting for a 2nd version. Thanks

Hi, I was wondering if this will work on mobile platforms also?

Hi purbeck,

I haven’t tested but it should work, at least on iPhone and iPad.

I will try on my iPad and iPhone and I’ll let you know ok?

Awesome – thanks!

Hi purbeck,

I’ve test it in my iPhone, it works, it show really small and the icons only make the transition on click, since you’re using a touch device.

If I can help you with anything else just let me know.


Nice menu! I need to create a custom sub menu to include sports by types with icons, tennis, triathlon, etc… Can the icons show below the menu, not on top as you have in the screenshots? I am assuming I could change the icons as well. Thanks!

Hi emxch,

how things doing?

Did you manage to make it work with the tips I’ve sent by email?


It is working now. I had a bad link to the image files. I will need now to figure out how to change the icons to the icons I plan to use that are not the original. If you have any tips let me know. It is very cool the way you locate the file/icons. I am hoping to make it work out with the ones I will need to use..Thanks..Cheers..

Hey emxch,

if you check the README file on point 4 there’s a lot of classes there, you just need to change the classes, there’s an example:

  • Keynotes
  • See that with the class “keynote”? Change that for the class / icon you want to use.


    I took a second look in the video demo and having the icons below will probably interfere with the text items below…

    I just bought it. Too good to pass..cheers..

    Hi, I am having a problem with the menu texts in foreign language accents, Portuguese. I have tried switching to different fonts but I can not make it to work. Do you have any ideas? The menu looks great with custom icons! Thanks.Cheers

    That’s possibly a problem with your HTML meta tags.

    Try using this in your HTML , inside the <head>:

    <meta charset="utf-8">

    Hi Telmo,

    Perfect! Works Great. The menu is awesome! Looking forward to more of your developments. Cheers.

    Hi Telmo,

    Good idea! I will try and report back. Thanks. Cheers.George

    Hi, sent you an e-mail, but no answer. Need help with installing. Thank you.

    Hi nikolina,

    didn’t received any email, can you resend it or explain your problem in here?

    I’ve sent it again at

    Hi Nikolina, I’ve sent you an email.

    Hi, I bought it.. but the download version is the 1.0.. how i can get the 1.1 ?? thanks!


    I’m sorry for the late answer.

    The latest version is the 1.1, there’s actually no available link for the 1.0

    Hi, thanks for your reply.. I just download it again.. and the version that appears on the Documentation says “Simple CSS3 Menu v 1.0 – latest Update: 10/02/2012”..

    If you want I can send you the zip file that I’m downloading

    Thanks again

    Hey, I’m sorry for the late answer.

    But you have the drop menu feature?


    Version 1.1: Drop menu Active menu option

    How can I do it? On your documentation you did not say anything about the dropdown


    No drop menu active, the file seems still 1.0. Seems no email support, no reply for days.