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Anyone know how to get rid of the extra space this menu adds to the right of the website?

I’ve checked my email, no messages from you there.

Well, I’m sure I’ve sent you the modified file one month ago. Have you checked your spam folder? Often Gmail sends the emails from Yahoo adresses in the spam folder. Anyway, I have fixed the bug and updated the file here, so you just have to go to your profile, select Downloads and download the file again.

Hi, is possible that the choice of the current page is highlighted? I require a menu for this site tekioled.com, not wp but for me to stay html equal to this in wp, you can achieve this with your script?


Yes, but that would require some small modifications. In every page, the link of that page must have a certain class, let’s say “current_page”. Also, the CSS file needs a small modification. I think I can help you with that.

Cannot get the menu to work properly on iPad? Any ideas? I can get the menu to display but the menu is hidden behind divs on the page. I tried setting the z-index which worked for the desktop( as the desktop was doing this at first also) but no luck with the iPad?? Need Help!!!

Thanks, DL

Please contact me via email (you can do that from my profile page). I need to take a look at your code.

How do I make the text and links a darker color when the dropdown menu is hovered over. The links are white on a white background. I want to keep the background white but I want to give the links color

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re saying. “Links are white on a white background”? What do you mean by that? Are you referring to their background?

Sorry it wasn’t your code. The problem was with the software I was using.

Hi, I am using the menu and when I hover over it, The background turns white and then the drop down menu opens but it closes a lot of the times when I’m scrolling down to select a link on my drop down menu and it is very annoying. I think the drop down menu closes a lot because the list item from the navigation is not fully connected with the drop down. For example, there is a dark line in between the

  • from the navigation menu and the drop down menu. Since it is not connected, the drop down menu often closes as soon as I hover over down to the drop down menu.
  • What browser do you use? I’ve just tested the menu in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 and this doesn’t happen to me.

    I am using Chrome and it happens