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I would like to purchase this but have a few questions. I work with 50 or the top dev companies and i know I would need postback url ability for CPI programs. This plugin does it work all wp themes or only layers? Actually I will purchase both plugins

Can you shoot me a PM and possibly a time we can do a skype call.

Hello, thank you for question. This plugin works with any theme, I’ve just include Layers to recommended themes, as I used it in demo. Okey I will add postback urls in first update. Please, e-mail me and we discuss everything.

let me know when you would like to chat

Please contact me by form on this site

what is this plugin?

Hi, thank you for question. This plugin turn you Wordpress site to Simple CPA Network, here is some explanation

What’s login info? You add post back?

Hi, sorry, but not yet. It will take much time, than I planned. Next update will be with post back, but when exectly plugin will be updated I cannot say right now. Stay on touch, please


Want to tell you it is a great concept.

However I have few question if you do not mind.

- have you added any payment system ? Payoneer and Paypal is mast. - is there any was to allow advertisers to add different types of banner ? - Create HTML codes for offers for Publisher.

Thank you.

May be paypal will be integrated, but it is hard to automate. Yes, it is in future plans

I was wonder where’s Front-End?

For what reason it needs front end? for great front end there are WP themes

You are very much on the right track but this is not a concept that can be done halfway. It is much needed but the complete CPA network with full functionality is required. Please keep working on it.

Thank you, John we already fixed some issues, anfortunatally not all solutions CPA need can be included to plugin, so you are welcome to order custom solutions

Why not build this out completely giving it full functionality with the required WordPress theme and all and sell it on themeforest?

It is good idea, but right now I have no time for that

Excellent GLWS ;)

Thank you :-)

Hello, I didn’t want to leave a comment about a refund. But I Would like to request a refund from you before I reached out to Envato. The plugin isn’t compatible with my version, and it is causing vulnerabilities

so request refund

I would like to request a refund. The item I bought is not compatible with the version of wp I’m using. It is causing vulnerable security issues.

So do it

if you need source code i can help you with completing this plugin

I have, for now, installed the free lite version I found on WP’s site, but it appears to require an account at Problem is, it has an insecure ssl cert that I can’t even bypass and going to the homepage appears that this service doesn’t exist anymore? Now what? Thanks.

hello there, my name is mario and i purchased your Simple Cost-Per-Action Engine for Wordpress and I installed it on wordpress BUT what now ,, how do you set it up? I dont even know what it does. There are no demos or instruction manual to how to use. Dont even have a screen shot on how its suppose to look.. please please please send instruction if not i have no choice but to ask for refund. thank you

Did u update This plugin after “21 July 16 ” with can u promote 3rd party offers? & did u added server 2 server (s2s) post-back options in this plugin?


mostCPA, maxbounty provide ‘postback’ URL so do you add this feature ?

Your live demo is not working. Can you please provide one?