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Love the plugin. One quick question – can you tell me the easiest way to fire the google analytics tracking event (ga(‘send’,..)) when a user submits the form?


It is not easy to do if you don’t know JavaScript well. Plugin uses source and minified files for JS, so you need to change source file, and export it into minified. Source file is in folder js/src with name render.js. AJAX call to send data is around line 600.

Regards, Milan

Is it possible to call the event by an external declaration eg. getelementsbyid onclick?

It should be fine, but you need to test it.

Can one of the form fields be a checkbox?

All available fields are listed in plugin description, and there are two unnamed fields for text, there is no extra checkbox field.

Hi, how to decrease the form width in the sliding contact?


You can’t change this, it is calculated based on various factors right now (for responsive layout and animation), and default width is hard-coded.



is there any demo link from where i can see it in action like sliding from right


Hello , this plugin could have any CAPTCHA option ? If you have means please letme know ASAP

it doesn’t have support for Captcha. It uses different methods for anti spam protection, but no captcha.

will this work with “Applause -One-Page Responsive Music & DJ WP Theme” type website? Please let me know. I love your Form and hope it will work for my website ( Thank you in advance! James

Plugin should work with any theme. There were few instances that plugin required some small styling changes when used with some aggressive slider plugins that would cover everything, but other then that, there should be no issue with any theme.

In the email that gets sent out, how do I format the two “Extra Fields” in the Text Template so that they don’t show up as blank in the email?

Also, how do I make it so that an email automatically goes to the user no matter if they check the box or not?


All fields and the names they have in the template are listed in the template area and in documentation PDF (docs folder). I think they are named EXTRA1 and EXTRA2 .

Auto email can work only if user selects it, otherwise it will be considered illegal or spam in many world countries to send email without user consent.


I found it in the pdf, thanks. With the auto email, I was just trying to avoid setting up an autoresponder on Mail Chimp. It’s not illegal, wish this had autoreponders.

This is simple plugin, setting up autoresponders is not something I plan to add.


Brth Purchased

Hello, i ‘ve just bought your slider, i have a problem on my mobile safari. When i open it , the button “submit” is not showing, if i try to scroll on the slider scroll on the website but not on the slider, so i can’t access to the button, how is it possible ? thanks by advance


Yes this can be done with custom code. Check out the developers guide PDF (docs folder) and there is information for the filter used to display or hide the slider.



Brth Purchased

Hello, so i saw the code to add the functions.php file Can i add it a the end of this file ? How i do to put the id of the page with hidden contact slider ?

Thans by advance


function millanrs_contact_slider_display($show) { // manipulate $show before returning // }

return $show;

add_filter(‘scs_contact_slider_display’, ‘millanrs_contact_slider_display’);


This will hide slider if the page ID is 5:

function millanrs_contact_slider_display($show) { if (is_page(5)) { $show = false; } return $show; } add_filter('scs_contact_slider_display', 'millanrs_contact_slider_display');

Best to add it to theme functions.php file. Do not modify plugin files.


How can I increase the height beyond the 200 px large option? I still need a bit more room. See this screen capture.

I have checked, and right now this can’t be done, because CSS is applied directly to the tab.

I will add this to the list for next plugin update.


New version will be out on Tuesday, with the options to set custom size for tab.

All of sudden for no apparent reason your plugin just stopped working??? Can I give you access to my wordpress site and could you take a look and see what happened?

How can I get you the login info?

Use contact form from profile:

Hello, i desactivated the “name” field (on basic fileds) but i don’t why it still appears on the form… why ? how to delete it ?

I don’t understand, can you open the topic in the forum and post screenshots:

Hello i bought your template, i have 2 questions : 1 / I don’t know why, but the form keep showing the “Name”’s field in first, or i did’nt activated it. How is it possible ?

2/ I activated a “Extra Field #1 ” how can i put it on required with a ” * ” just near the name of the field ? thanks by advance

1. I don’t understand this, can you explain it better, your sentence doesn’t make sense.

2. Extra Fields can’t be set as required.


1/ It’s very simple in the FIELDS catagory, in “Basic Fields” / “Required Fields” i activated only “Email” OK (but not the “Name”field ) But what i don’t understand is the “Name” Fields still appears on my form (or i didn’t activated it) HOW is possible ? how can i delete it ?

2/ how can i put to the “extra fields” on “required” ?

THANKS by advance

1. OK, I will check it out, and release the update soon.

2. This can’t be done, because it was not designed that way. I will see about adding option for it in the future version.

Hi, When adding defer in jquery/jquery.min.js and jquery-migrate.min.js. The sliding contact form gets hidden. How to resolve this issue?

My plugin is tested and working with jQuery bundled with WordPress, and I don’t plan to support jQuery loaded from outside the WordPress or modified in any way. There is no way to test things that are not officially part of WordPress.

hello, I have purchased your plugin and trying to add tracking event via GTM for form submission. What is the easiest way to put event tacking to form submission

hello, I have purchased your plugin and trying to add tracking event via GTM for form submission. What is the easiest way to put event tacking to form submission

There is only one action executed just before the email is sent: ‘scs_contact_request_notify’. You can hook your code to this action and do what you need.

thansk for the reply, however can’t do it properly. What are the steps for gtm event tracking, I am selecting form submission and afterwards form classes regx – scs_contact_request_notify , is that wrong?

This hook is in the PHP code, so you need to create PHP function for this. I have no idea how the GTM events work and I can’t help you with that. The only hook run just before the emails are sent is ‘scs_contact_request_notify’, it is in the PHP code and it has to be handled there.