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Hi, is it working on nginx .. or do you provide the rewrite rules?


I didn’t test SCB on nginx before – so I can’t give you a 100% valid answer, that it would work out of the box – but I didn’t see anything causing problems

the mod_rewrite syntax for nginx won’t be that tricky

I would send it to you, if you’re in trouble with the rule definition (is just one)


Hi, id like to buy this with custom alias, social media sharing and optional password protection option.

is it possible?

not out of the box – but you can modify the scripts to fit your needs (PHP, mysql and Javascript)


can you do it for me?

that won’t be that cheap (like the script itself) – you have to rockon atleast more the 10 times of the item price

if you’re still interested you can contact me through my profile to discuss further details

best wishes

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/ateamzon/public_html/us/config.php:1) in /home/ateamzon/public_html/us/clipboard.php on line 30

When I click the link.

I deleted the file setting.After installation

seems you have there some output on line 1

maybe your editor made some unwanted hidden characters (such as DreamWeaver)

please try to upload/overwrite the origin config.php from the item you downloaded


really interesting – never (by no-one??) recognized this – maybe caused by some browser updates?, thanks for reporting

fix will be released really soon


Simple Clipboarder V1.5

upped and ready to download

  • fixed: bug on hiding opened dropdowns again
  • upgraded: __construct() method instead of constructor named as the class (pre PHP 5.3) – will be deprecated in future versions of PHP
  • updated: updated deprecated usage of php-mysql to php-mysqli
  • removed: (commented) the Javascript Fallback solution for security reasons (can simply be re-activated)
  • added: Syntax-Highlighting using Googe’s Prettify

best wishes


Qubitt Purchased

I themac, is there any option to convert http/https lines in live links?

Done by my self, I can send you the code? to check if is secure?

good morning,

hi, you could send it to me via my profile page or post it on and send me the shortUrl through profile page and I’ll take a short look into it

bes wishes

Code sent via profile page, many thanks for your answer TheMac.

Simple Clipboarder V1.6

upped and ready to download

  • added: possibility to transform urls in clipboard text to clickable links, if there are any

best wishes

Hi themac! one question please, is there anyway to change

to use a .TXT list besides of “inline” blockwords.

I asking this because i have more than 800 words to block. Thanks for your answer

for a textfile having the one bad phrase in each line you could use something like
$blackListContent = file_get_contents("blacklist.txt");
$config->blacklist = array_map("trim",
  preg_split('/[' . PHP_EOL .']+/m',$blackListContent));

where blacklist.txt is your textfile in the same directory as the config


Working like a charm, many thanks for your help Themac!

Does your script provides any level of encryption for the data stored?

the data is stored in plain text – but you could easily add any salted crpyt method when inserting into db or reading from db


Is that encryption method something you would add to your script in the short term?

may be an idea, was just a quick thought – you could add salt definition made by poster too – smthg like a password to decrypt

smthg like a password to decrypt
that would be nice, or something like google captcha to access to URL.

But I must say that I feel very happy whit the general performance,design, and easy functionality.

Great work TheMac!