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...a few hours and I got my supporting answer - unbelieveable, thank you Jason

Hi Jay Please help me with this: http://www.chepofc.com/comentarios.php


I’m trying to put up a memorial site for my uncle and my only problem is that the most recent post appears with tons of extra headroom. I tried a few hours of troubleshooting this but couldn’t figure it out. Would love some help as soon as you can! We just had the funeral and people keep asking about the site. Thanks!!!!

Site here: http://www.aballadalchemy.org/john-berg-sketches/index.php

Hi, Can you help me? I have the following error after adding a message (I put an x on the private data):

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/xxxxxx/domains/xxxxxxxxxxx.be/public_html/xxxxxx/index.php:38) in /home/xxxxxxxx/domains/xxxxxxx.be/public_html/xxxxxxx/simpleChat/core.php on line 203

Thanks Ronald

Please could you email me about your problem. Include the source of index.php if you don’t mind.


Before I buy this, I would like to know what exactly do you mean by “Relative time up to 2 weeks” ? Do you mean that the messages are deleted after 2 weeks in some way?

Thanks, E.

My chats won’t post and sends me back to my homepage on submit. How can I fix this?

Hi there! The script works great, however, the Captcha isn’t strong enough. My wall is filled with tons of spam. Is there any way to strengthen it or use a better method?

Do you still support this?

Hi there, I want to make a text chat system between my site users. My site is in Core PHP. Will this script be able to make a user to user chat. I really need to purchase urgently. Please response me as soon as possible. Thanks Ashok

I really like this script nice and easy to modify, easily implemented into any site, I have added some extra bb code and custom emotions to mine.


I’ve done the same. Can you provide BBCODE for what it looks like a color picker?