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If there is any css files included?

No, there are no CSS files included. The plugin is designed to use your theme’s built-in CSS styling.

does this work on a local host or only when site is live as it is hard to test without this. it seems it does not work on a local host

Yes it will work just fine on a local host. I used a localhost during development.

Do you have the opt-in option enabled? If so, you will not see the user subscribed to the list until they have confirmed their subscription.

also when I install this it breaks the widget page and I can no longer edit what widgets i want to use? but as soon as i delete your plugin everything works again, this has not been tested thoroughly you can’t sell a plugin that breaks wordpress.

By breaks do you mean that you can no longer open / close widgets?

If so, that is a jQuery conflict. That is the first time that has been reported so it is most likely a conflict with another plugin or your theme. If you’re able to send me admin access, I’ll be more than happy to log in and figure out what is going on.

This module isn’t working on my site, it breaks the admin page and toggle options in the widget section. May have something to do with jquery

The plugin doesn’t use or load any jQuery so that’s not really possible. Did you activate any other plugins around the same time?

Hi – i added campaign monitor API key but not sure about client ID. I assumed this is not the list ID but rather the ID in the URL query string when you go into a client page. Either way every ID ive tried doesnt allow me to access lists so can you please let me know how to access client ID that your plugins requires to work?

You get the CLient ID by going to your Clients section then clicking on “Settings”.

Thanks for the reply. We worked this out and have customised the style. Great widget and very simple to use. Thanks!


Is this plugin compatible with WP 3.8?

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Yes it is!


I installed this and the lists do not show after entering my API/Client ID…3.9.1.

thanks Gareth

Have you confirmed that you entered your API keys correctly?

Hi, Thanks for the reply, yes they keys are fine, i checked and triple checked, I suspect it is the latest version of WP. An alternative solution worked. Can I have a refund for this item?

You can contact if you would like a refund. They handle all item refunds.

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Where am I supposed to change the language?


This plugin is not translation ready, sorry.

Hi guys, any way to contact you directly? (It’s not a support request :P) I am trying to get in touch for some time…

Kind regards, Kuba

Hi, did you get my email? :)

No, I’ve never seen it. Please send it again from

Hi, I have just send it through your contact form :)

Is this plugin still working? Doesnt seem to get updated … CM has some recent API changes. Can you please confirm before buying? Thanks

I have not updated the plugin recently but it does still work fine.