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Hi Adilbo, does Simple Backup Files support PHP7 ?

Thanks for getting in touch, should do so! But if you are getting in trouble i will help till it works. Cheers

how to set Authorized redirect URIs in google drive api

Hello and thank you for buying our script. We ensure you that the product is fully functional and we will be very happy to help you if you will be so kind to use the codecanyon PM system to ask for support. It is available from our profile page. Thank you so much! We’re waiting for your email. Cheers!

Hi Adilbo would be a hard task for you to include a MongoDB backup?

Will be nice if it would be possible to implement that :)

You can use this ( to Backup you MongoDB and then use my Script to Backup all in the cloud!

Hi Adilbo, thanks a lot for your efficient reply and advice about using MongoDumper with your very good script!

Hi 1- Can i export backups to external FTP ? 2- Can i export backups to Amazon S3 ? thanks

Hello and thank you for getting in touch, If we will receive more similar requests we will consider them for one of the next releases. Thank you so much!

At the Moment you can use Dropbox and GoogleDrive ;-) Cheers

if you provide support for external FTP an amazon S3 i will buy the script for sure ,, at least external FTP is mandatory ,, you have the chance now to be the only developer that still provide support for such scripts ,, as scripts that provide similar functionality like yours provide no more support and no more updates

if you buy you will get the FTP Feature for free by eMail – its already in the next release ;-) Cheers

can i use this as local server but database will take backup online?

Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, you can use the script on localhost and the ZIP Data will be saved online (if you have an internet connection ;-) Cheers

can its work with in raspberry pi 3 , debian os

Should do so, but i’m not shure never testet – sorry ;-)

can i backup on a pendrive locally and email at the same time

Thanks for getting in touch, if you can get the path of the pendrive in a PHP var it will work. eMailed will only be a link to the Backup not an attachment (because of the size) but ift that is ok for you you schould be fine fith that. Cheers


Question before purchase

1- Is your php script compatible with php5.6 and php7?

2- Is your php script secure?

3- Also save all mySQL databases and backup all your web files and send the download to our desktop.

4- Your php script Should it be integrated into our site? or Install it separately?

5- Can it be translated? For example in French

Thank you

Well you get an eMail after the ZIP Process and can download it to your desktop but you wrote: “send the download to our desktop” and that will not work ;-)

LOL, Yes you are right: DO NOT BUY – DROPBOX API UPDATE IS IN PROGRESS – will get the old Price if we are ready – Cheers


We are looking to implement a “backup” function for clients.

Once this is setup and configured, can we just embed a html link into a client site so that when they click it – it automatically generates a backup without any user input?

Currently we use cPanel, but we don’t want clients having access to cPanel etc.


That is exactly the way it works! Cheers


I wonder if I can only back up some files and directories instead of the whole site. I’m asking this because I have more than one system in the same hosting and I need to back up each system separately.

Can I send the backups by FTP or SFTP?

Can I generate backups automatically with a cron job?

Do you print any of the system so I can see how it is or have some demonstration of it?

Thank you, Daniel

Do you have a forecast of when to deploy the FTP upload?

I’m interested in ftp shipping. Because I use adrive as a backup repository.


Will try to implement it as soon as possible (maybe this Month) – will inform you – please give me your eMail:

FTP (and sFTP) Upload is now in Beta-Mode if you want to use it, buy now and send me an eMail and you will get the Update by eMail – Best regards!


I’m still interested in the plugin. Before you buy, update plugin?

How to generate backups automatically with cron? Currently, we use cPanel, but we do not want customers to have access to cPanel, how to do it

Once you have installed the plugin, I hope that the plugin is not accessible for everyone

Thank you

Yes, sorry – you are right!

FTP (and sFTP) Upload is now in Beta-Mode if you want to use it, buy now and send me an eMail and you will get the Update by eMail – Best regards!

Update should come next week ? about 1 month ago $1000 ?

Yes sorry, you are right – need much more time than i expect – price is only a trick to avoid new selling – if you can wait a little more – please select a item from my portfolio and i will send you for free ;-) sorry again – Cheers

Hi there,

script slow down my site extremly.

Uploaded and edited files as in docu. Setup a pw and start the script via url as in docu. Now it loads and loads without any information. I tried to start it via another browsers and nothing happened just spinning weel in browsertab.

After a while I took a look inside the “test” folder and see that there are now 4 running backups. This is not a good behaviour when I don’t have an weboverview of running backups, e.g. for stopping a running backup.

Why didn’t you provide an web interface with detailed fields where a user can easaly fill in all info what needed to work with the script?

- Choosing folders
- Connecting MYsql (if needed)
- Connecting Dropbox/Google/others
- Web-Cron
- Sendout E-Mail information about finished backup (and if failed)
- Save backup as possition for later editing or deleting or restore of files


ok, I see that – sorry for the bad idea ;-) maybe wait and check your settings with a small file ok? – Cheers

The backup is still running nearly 6h. I used another tool before for some years but its “Item no longer available” and that was running just a minute. Thats was the reason why I bourght this one.

It was just a tryout and I think I switch over to an online backup service to have a rollback-function again. Without interface to have functions directly in front of my nose, its not working for me. I don’t call envato for an refund, for other ppl it might be working, so take this money as support (your answertime is high quality and seeks its equal here on the marked) and everything is ok.


The only reason i can imagine, is a wrong-configuration, so the process isn’t real working any more. “(your answertime is high quality and seeks its equal here on the marked)” – thank you for the praise – Cheers


I am very keen to buy (at the correct price, of course).

Do you have any ETA of when the DROPBOX V2 API UPDATE will be finished?

Regards, Hugh

Cheers, nice to hear this. Shoult be in a week or two. Will Post new Comment to Inform you. Cheers

Thank you – I had an old Backup script, but because of the Dropbox changes it doesn’t work any more. I will definitely be buying your updated script.

You are welcome, i will be happy if you buy :-D

What’s with the price? I want to buy the plugin but not for $1000!

EDIT – just read the item description

Will take a while – if it is ready it will show the old price – hope you will give it a try ;-) Cheers

Hello, For when exactly, do you plan to add the update, need to know a date before buying, 1 month ago already, we are waiting Thank you

I understand your point of view, but: Sorry, could not say an exact Date at the Moment.

Hope will fix it in the coming week – but will make no promises!


Hello ,   5 months ago we are waiting for the plugin update, I’m waiting more you are too “long” What promises in cardboard

Good night

I understand your point of view, but: Sorry, could not say an exact Date at the Moment.

I wait for an extern library i use – and this is not ready, can’t say a date :-(

Hi Adilbo, would be nice if AWS S3 was included as server backup server option. Happy Xmas!!!! You must be very rich now !!!! 1000$ selling your great script ;)

thanks for the hint – will keep that in mind – the price is only to avoid customer to buy at the Moment – because i wait for an API Update from Dropbox – Wish you all the Best ;-) Cheers


Will your script be updated? we need the script.

Wish you a very happy new year 2018!

Thank you


I’m still waiting for the update you promised 12 months ago

Thank you

Hooray, Dropbox API Update is finally done!

I only wait for the review from ENVATO – if this is done the Download will contain the new Version working with Dropbox API V2


All right, no worries,

Thank you, one year anyway

Hi, Ok thank you


stefcab Purchased

Nice, thanks for the update about the new Dropox API!!

Oh please, no thanks, I already have a really bad conscience, because it took sooo terribly long ;-)


stefcab Purchased

Your bad consciente taught me to be patient…...

;-) thank you, and have a nice day… Cheers