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Ok, so I’m trying to setup the API to allow requests that filter the results by using multiple “WHERE” conditions… However, I keep getting this error:

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'AND AND' at line 1

Here’s the API setup call:

  $api = new Api($db);

      'category' => array(
        'route'     => 'category',
        'connect'   => 'AND'
      'author' => array(
        'route' => 'author',
        'connect' => 'AND'


Any ideas?

Nevermind, I’ve solved it…

What format is the read me file?

Nice class :D

Just wanted to let you know that you have quite a few typos in the class itself. Most are in regards to the Error message strings, but some are in the actual code itself which may inhibit some functionality of the class from working properly… (haven’t fully tested to verify that claim tho)

Here’s an example of one such typo I found:
$this->_namespaces[$this->_current_namaspace]['table'] = $table;
Whereas the correct version would be:
$this->_namespaces[$this->_current_namespace]['table'] = $table;

I found about 10 or more examples of “_namaspace” being used rather than “_namespace”. Fixed them on my end, but you may want to release another version with them fixed for everyone else.

Thanks for a great class though!

Hello, got this working but I wondered if someone could assist me with code—this is for a white page directory for the US, I have it working with the lastname but cannot get it to work with both This would be the code for SQL , which is un-related to this but it will give you a idea what I am trying to do

WHERE lastname = ’$lastname’ AND firstname LIKE ’%$firstname’

and this is for my API code

->setWhere(array(‘lastname’ => array(‘route’ => ‘lastname’))

how would I code this for first and last name?

Hello, just bought this class. Its so nice, but is there anyway to set the limit request per hour to per day?

Nevermind, Got it =)

Need help here. How can I parse the json data with php?

Got it working, NVM =)

Just one question, how to generate user key? is there any function for this?

hi, i downloaded and tryed woth my script but unocide problem, output like this: ??

Does this script still work?

This script lets you share data with other companies or other websites ? I have an online store system and would like to share the data of commodities and stocks with other partners, we can carry out this operation ? ( I apologize for the little English I know write ? )


I am getting following error while running file. Notice: Undefined variable: columns in api\api.php on line 489

I tried sending you email but undelivered.

Please reply at the earliest.