Simple Advert

Simple Advert

A combination of a jquery banner rotator and a php ad server to provide you with a complete advertisement management solution for image, text link and flash ads. If you are searching for an easy to install and quick to integrate script to manage your website’s advertisements and advertisers, then this is it. It does not use iframe and all you need to integrate it is to copy and paste some HTML markup to your pages. This is a multi-site script meaning that you can serve ads across as many domains as you need. On purchase you will be able to access free support for installation and integration.

The whole software is automated so that the advertisers can select the space that they want to purchase, upload or create their ads, pay for it through either PayPal or moneybookers, and after you approve the ads an account is generated for them to view the stats for their ads, purchase more space, edit the ads, and extend their advertisements. You also get an admin panel/dashboard to manage the whole script.

  • Add a wide variety of ad banners to you site easily including images, text, AdWords style, Swf and textlinks
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Admin and advertisers dashboard with their own authentication system
  • Automatically generated page to sell your ad space
  • Receive payment using Paypal and Moneybookers
  • Can work across domains
  • Additional wordpress plugin to pull ads from the server using shortcodes and widgets
  1. Download and unzip the package
  2. Make changes to the file resources/simplead.config.php. Put in the details specific to your setup
  3. Upload the folder simple_advert to your server
  4. Using your browser navigate to install.php. This will setup the database tables
  5. Delete the install.php file
  6. If your are using Simple Advert for the first time, check the “Getting Started” section of the user guide. The user guide is in the folder named “userguide”

To log into the DEMO use the email: and the password: pass