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Hello, Can I use this script to open list of links in one page randomly?

Thanks for the interest. At the moment it can’t do that.

Why is there no database sql file included with this script? I have tried to install it numerous times in a live domain and on my localhost. All I get is a blank page and an empty database. I know my support expired, so I am getting ready to chunk this and buy something else.

Hi, What is being displayed in your error logs? Seem like there is a fatal error somewhere.

Call to a member function exec() on a non-object in /resources/simplead.class.db.php on line 60

Could be PDO is not enabled. If you can enable do so any let me know if the error persists.If you can, I have submitted an update to switch off the use of PDO. It should be available in the next day or so. Thanks

Hello, i have 2 questions. (sorry for my bad english)

when i check the box “Hidden from public” that’s not hidden for public … ( need made another action? )

the system are realy secure for SQL injection?

Thx for your answers. Best regards.

Hi, Yes it is secure. Could you email me the link the installation and login to the admin I check the “hide from public” function for you? Thanks

Hello. Please we recently just bought your script and I realize that its made to only advertise on one website. Is there anyway that it can be customized to make it possible to advertise on more than one website

Hi, All though you can only install it one website you can follow the integration instructions and add it to other websites. Thanks

can my team customize the header the footer and put in a new css for customization of the looks of the whole site. can we skype because i have a lot to ask. thanks

Yes, that is possible. You can send me a message through profile and we can set it up. When sending the message please use the account you used to purchase the script. Thanks


The ad system has suddenly become very slow, taking upto 10 seconds for an ad to be displayed. As I have header ads, the user has scrolled before seeing the ad. I’ve made no changes to the script or server and only a handful of ads running. Any ideas? Thanks.

If you send me the link through my profile page and if possible ftp info, I can try figure it out for you. Thanks.

Thanks message sent

... and no reply received as yet. Issue raised via support ticket.

Live Preview link not working.

Not Found

The requested URL /demo/simple-advert/simple_advert/public/buy.php was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Sorry for that. It will be up in a few hours.


BeniCH Purchased

get no help with installation?

Please check your email.


BeniCH Purchased

please help me have sent you email


BeniCH Purchased

Advertisements Slots White side Pleas Help

i mail personally to @robertnduati – but i did not get any response.

Please check your email. Thanks.

I am encountering the following error:

jquery.js?ver=1.11.3:5 GET (Internal Server Error)

I did not do anything, the WP got such error by itself and ads not loaded. HELP

I am unable to contact the support and no reply from the seller. I still got 3 months of support durations. If the plugin does not work and no support is given, where could I claim for compensation?

Sorry for the delay. Replied to ticket.

Hello! We had this plugin on our old site and love it. Now we’ve transferred to a wordpress website and are trying to install the plugin. On our old site, it was installed by someone more knowledgeable about website functions and php files than our current website guru. We’ve read the userguide but are still a little uncertain of what we’re doing. Do we need to touch the configuration file? And if we do, how do we configure it for our site? I know the guide says to see the configuration section for help, but there isn’t actually a configuration section. And I don’t see another html file in the package pertaining to configuration. Point me in the right direction, please?

still in business ?

I’m still waiting on a response to my support ticket. Help please!

Script gives a blank page after clicking on the advertisement. Contacted the author but no respons. Is this still supported?

@robertnduati – not give proper support .


atarem Purchased

How can I rename the “simple_ad” parts in the call to URL:

It get’s blocked by ad blockers. Thanks

Hello author, I like your script very much but I would like to know if at the moment your script uses cookies and keywords to serve ads. Also can ads be set to automatically expire after X days and be disabled automatically after the X days? Also does it support pay per click. If these features are not ready yet, please do you intend to add them in the future?

Hi, At the moment it does not support cookies and keywords but it does support all the others. It might be a few months before I can do that update. Thanks

I have a question. After the purchase will help in inserting banner (banner slot) at the desired location on the page?

I want to ask for help…

Clicking on the banner does not redirect to the destination url. I have one warning and errors in apache logs:

1) mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Warning: mysql_query(): A link to the server could not be established in …advert/resources/simplead.class.db.php on line 65

2) mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error: Class ‘ezSQL_mysql’ not found in …advert/resources/simplead.class.db.php on line 64

Can you help me?

Please have a look my site

what’s wrong with my script

I have purchased it

Clicking on the banner does not redirect to the destination url. Please help. I prefer the program instead of charging back the fee.