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Amazing job, looks awesome! :)

Thanks, its my first product.


This is truly interesting. How about support for the older IEs, maybe at least some placeholders? And it is a bit slow. Can it this be improved? Thanks!


Wow, great!! That’s brilliant. I will consider your suggestion. Yes in the future I’ll be considered make it as WordPress Plugin.

Do you mean like in :shocked:? If the hardware or browser not supported, it will view sequenced of image in 3D rotating? Is that what you mean? :D

This script and sketchfab is different, this 3D Product Viewer is load Faster than sketchfab. Try it, I have test using: etc.

and you can also encrypt your 3D file path.

About anti-aliasing? I need your suggestion to. btw, thx for your suggestion :D


Well, actually no :) Not like too complex and useless. Imagine something like a simple “slide” plugin, like, I set the 3D model and the rendered place of it and this is all in the background and then add a simple caption, description and a button :) This could all be in low poly and this renderer with its GI engine in plain white background would make this look great. Also you could use this for products and such and it could look really good. Just imagine any revolution slider “home” changed with the awesome 3d slider that is both fast and lovely. Sounds good right :)

Yes, a preloader is a must in your script :D


Hmm, great idea “3D Slider”, maybe I will try make it for different product. ;)

good work ! :) i wish you all the best for your sale ;)

Thanks Eric

Hi , nice script, my congratulations ;) !

Any plans for add % loading.. :? (pre-loader needed) if possible


I make the script load Extremely Fast by minify it, and add only what we needed, so I called it: SIMPLE 3D Product Viewer ;) .

Ok the Script is small enough below <80 Kb, but your 3D File (3DS/OBJ) and Your Texture maybe HUGE :cry::cry::cry:,

OK I plans to make the % loading. It is my first product, I need more advice from the others.

Thanks for your suggestion.

I have an online store, if I use your item, it will rotate my product image 360 degree ?

Yes, you can use this item for online store, as a Product Viewer. You can use html iframe like in my website:

But this 3D Viewer not using image as the input. :cry:
You need 3D file format, like 3DS, OBJ.
You can make 3D file yourself using 3D software like Blender, 3ds max, Maya, etc, or you can buy 3D file from

I have tutorial how to make simple 3D Object in my YouTube Channel.

hey bud this is great. Any chance you have this with hotspots?

Yes hotspot is possible. I try update it later.

Thats cool, Happy to pay more. Do you think you could have in by next month?

NICE. Thats what most of the people are looking for. Try to add hotspots and make the UI more looking professional and more other poeple will buy it, including me. Good job!

nice work gud luck

Pretty neat for certain purpose. Hope this product sell well and maintained.

Hello Team,

Its working with stl file format?

Thank you