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Is this plugin integrated with font awesome?

No, we are using our own customized iconic font with 200+ hand picked icons.

How do you manually launch the modal—$(”#smp-overlayXXX”).trigger(“simpOpen”);

You can programmatically trigger open / close a modal by using it’s unique data id, like example below, XXX would be replaced with modal id.

// open modal

// close modal

Hi, i wanted to know if the plugin can show posts’ content inside the popup?

i want to have a list of posts in a page (archive like), so when i click on any of these posts, it will open in a modal…

thanks itay

You can display post / page in modal window using shortcode, you may need to create a shortcode for this purpose.

HI, It seems that when a popup contains a gravity form with conditional logic applied to it, the simp popup wont show the form - If a Gravity form does not have conditional logic, it works normally - i have tested the the gravity form outside of a simp popup and everything seems to work fine—how can i fix this

How do you use conditional statements?

through normal Gravity forms - show one field once another is filled out - it has something to do with JS from my research.. if you can message me, i can send you a link

You can send me support request by using email form on item support tab.

I tried attaching youtube video on page load, but when user closes the lightbox, the background music still goes on….Is there any option where I can automatically turn off music when user exits or closes the window? Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks

I’ll look into possibilities and let you know back, please send me an email by using support tab, also include above question.


Question presales:

I use a theme that has login for users. The login is done through a php page itself, not in the wp-login.php page and I would like to make this page a modal popup for when the user clicks on the link to open the page in modal instead of opening a new page . With plugin you can do so?

You need to right some javascript to do this.

hi, i need to add modal effect on my page with a list of thumbnail image.

After a click on a thumbnails i would like to have into the modal: – the image – image description – image title – email form field for visitor to get more information by email

your wp plugin can helpme?

Yes you can display both images and email form in a modal by using Simp Modal plugin.

i can add/hook modal window with form field and image info to a specific wordpress gallery?

You need to create separate modal for each gallery image and trigger modal by using image class or id.

Can your plugin work with hover (mouseover) rather than onclick?

No the modal can be trigger automatically on page load (support delay timer), on page exit and onclick.

Thank you Anjum for your quick response. It is much appreciated!!

Hi, is there anybody who can help me? It doesn’t work if I want to open the Simp Modal Window by clicking on a link. I have tried with hash, id…. Thanks a lot!

Please setup your modal according to documentation provided. Use CSS id or class to open the modal.

The modal pops up UNDER the page header banner area. Any fix?

Link was in support ticket.. and click on ‘Office Hours’ at the top.

Your theme’s header has an higher z-index value, i have sent you solution in email.

I had to go with an even higher number, and now it works. Thanks!

Greetings. I’ve just purchased a license, and have created a modal. I’ve set the Modal Display to be a click on a graphic, which I’ve given an ID (and separately a class value). When I view the page my modal does not display. Can you help me figure this out? Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Please send me your wp-admin login details via email form located in item support tab, i’ll setup your modal.

The “Careers” main menu link modal pops up UNDER the page header banner area. Any fix?

yes, open the style.css file of your theme in a code editor and add the code below in the end of file, save and refresh the page.

.fusion-header-wrapper {z-index:991 !important;}

That worked Perfect! Thanks!

I have a modal that’s triggered from the link “Link to 1st Modal” on this page. When clicked the 1st modal open. I have a link “Link to 2nd Modal” in this modal that links to the 2nd modal. When I click “Link to 2nd Modal” it opens the 2nd modal but is hidden by the 1st Modal. How can I get the 1st modal to close when I click on the 2nd modal link?

Got it. I will email you access right now.


Anjum, thank you! You really went over and beyond to solve this. I appreciate i!

Hi. I’m loving the plug-in. Just noticed though that when I trigger a modal from the main menu it works great on desktop, but does not function on mobile. – On a mobile device click the “Careers” link in the mobile menu.

Is there an easy fix for this?

Your theme is creating another menu for mobile devices, may be the trigger class is not available in mobile menu.

send me your wp-admin login details by email, i’ll try to solve your problem.

Thanks you. I will send that right now.


Dewdan Purchased

Unfortunatelly i am having the same issue as jpierce007 , i wonder if he found a solution. On AVADA theme, the plugin doesn’t work for mobiles, if ”#” is added to the Menu structure URL, desktop works ok but mobile menu version will not bring anything!

I hope someone has a solution for this as AVADA support or this support are not having any solutions and I will probably go for a refund as I cannot use this plugin. Too bad, I was really looking forward to use this.

Yes this is the issue in avada theme and it was reported by another user around a month ago. he was solved it by finding the menu cloning code in javascript. just find the .clone() method and add “true” for second argument should solve the problem.

Your theme is creating mobile menu by cloning the main menu. the menu elements has been cloned by using jquery .clone method but the events are not cloned for menu items.

Or it’s better to ask avada support team for solution.

Pre-Purchase Question:

I saw above the comment about the modal video’s audio continuing to play after the modal is closed.

I just checked your demo page and the same thing happens there – is that designed behaviour because I need the audio to stop when the modal is closed.


This is a modal popup plugin not a video lightbox, you have to control the video by using their javascript API.

So why have a demo page of a popup that plays video that doesn’t work properly?

Those are just for examples.

I see lots of popup that appear immediately when the visitor’s mouse cursor will close the tab to draw attention to some more content. Can this plugin be programmed as well?

Check this example, try to close the tab or navigate through.

I was thrilled to get this plugin – however, the instructions for this plugin are not very helpful in that they show you around but don’t give specific examples of what codes to use in what places to get the results you might want. I asked through support (after I purchased the plugin) how to get the popup to show in a location other then center screen. It took many emails back and forth only to learn today (after more than a week) that there is a CSS code I have to use. The support person told me by email that “support is for providing answers to questions, its not for teaching users.” Honestly, I am still trying to figure out what kind of code to use to display the popup on a hashed URL but am guessing that it will take another week or more.

There is no need for any code for displaying your modal in center of screen, but in your case you want to customize it’s position, i was sent you the trick for changing position replied to your 6 emails and teach you basic things, it’s not my issue you are not familiar with WordPress, even you don’t know what is the post id.

You have to learn some basic CSS and WordPress knowledge to customize any plugin.

Again i am saying we are not here to teach customers about very basic things.


kiwii Purchased

Hi, this plugin isnt updated since 2014, almost 4 years, what about security or performance issues?

It’s a stable and secure version.

Hi Anjum,

The author of formcraft said the problem is your plugin because it has to do with how your plugin loads. The form is not working here:

On the popup.

But when I don’t use your popup on this page:

My form works completely fine on a non-popup page. Please let me know if you can fix this 101% so that I can purchase your support. Thank you.

The form and contents are displaying fine, if the form submission is not working contact with form plugin author, we have not any control over third party contents.

I already did, they said to contact you. Because on a non-popup page, their form works completely fine and I can be able to send emails.

So why is the form is not working when using their form on your popup plugin then?

The plugin is designed to display contents in modal (popup), plugin is not responsible for if a form is not working in popup.