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Is there a DEMO to see how this looks with WooCommerce?

Are there any plans for an update?

There is a live preview link in the plugin page or simply use this link http://simos.webd3m.com/

were are planning to make a new update for it soon

good plugin

Thank you

Is there a DEMO to see how this looks with WooCommerce?

There is a demo at http://simos.webd3m.com but it is with a blog theme

hello can we have the authors order by hight ranking ?


There is no option for that so you can’t


we install the plug on our blog with over 600 posts we really have to go each post and enable the rating?


There is no other way to enable the plugin in all posts. we made it this way because every post could have a different review.

Hope This Will Hep you.


I have bought this plugin, but when I put the widget into the sidebar, it doesn’t show any reviews, even though I have put 3 reviews in it - http://bingosumo.com/


Could you please send us your site information ( username – password ) through out the email form on our themeforest page and we will check this problem and fix it for you..


I purchased your plugin to use with Gonzo theme.

I get the following error when I post Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/abunda61/public_html/scootmobility.co.uk/wp-content/plugins/simos-review/index.php on line 1010

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/abunda61/public_html/scootmobility.co.uk/wp-content/plugins/simos-review/index.php:1010) in /home/abunda61/public_html/scootmobility.co.uk/wp-admin/post.php on line 197

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/abunda61/public_html/scootmobility.co.uk/wp-content/plugins/simos-review/index.php:1010) in /home/abunda61/public_html/scootmobility.co.uk/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1228

Can you advise please

David Miller

Hello David,

Please send your site information including ( username – password ) to us using the mail form in our codecanyon user page and we will be happily solving this problem for you.

Hi – I had a deadline so I purchased Taqyeem to solve my immediate problem. Any chance of a refund? Thanks David

Hi David, Actually we are not responsible for selling and buying and we can not refund you,you can read codecanyon license and contact theme because they are the one who is responsible.

Purchased your plugin, great work.

does the review option have to be posted in a post? can i put more than one review page of my site…. so they are show side by side?

if you could let me know that would be great

thanks in advance!


Hello Greg,

First of all thanks a lot for your words, Second if you asking about adding more than one review box in the same page if that what you asking for, sadly you can not any page can have only one review box.

Hope this will help you.

Sorry posted this twice and can’t delete it.


Is there some CSS Code i can add to remove/hide the Total Score?

You can use this class .simos-rate and make it display none like this

.simos-rate { display: none;}

and this will hide the total score in all tabs.

Can I install Simos in more than one website?

Sorry, but you can not install it on more than one site, please check back Themeforest license.

Usually I download the zip file and upload it to wordpress however when I do this it says, no valid plug in found. why is this?

how can I install it on my wordpress site? thanks


You can install Simos via the WordPress plugin uploader.

1- Log into your WordPress Dashboard. 2- Go to Plugins > Add New. 3- Click Upload. 4- Click Choose File and select the Simos archive file. 5- Click Install Now.

Or you can upload it through FTP.

1- Decompress Simos plugin archive file you downloaded from CodeCanyon. 2- You will Find the plugin directory (this directory is created when you unzip the file). 3- Upload the plugin folder to your wp-content/plugins directory. 4- Go to your WordPress Dashboard Plugins > Installed Plugins. 5- Locate Simos Review under it. You will find the Activate button click it.

Ok ive got it uploaded, now I want to use the review controls that I seen in a video. It was a section displayed below yoast SEO in the video, unfortunately it wont show for me. any ideas? is it the theme?

In the video I watched it is a section under yoast and its called “review controls”. You can tick a box which is titled “enable review” then you can go onto select “criteria 1description” and “criteria 1 rating”, do the same for criteria 2 etc. It displays a nice box with the final review score. I would like to access this feature. How do I do so?

Like at the bottom of this page. http://bingosumo.com/72-2/ . if you’re not willing to reply to me here can you provide a link to your contact form on theme forrest, i cant find it. sorry and thanks


If I understand you correctly you want to show the criteria box only like in the site you provided. Sorry for telling you this but if that what you want you will need to customize the plugin yourself as the site you provided did because there is no option for doing this.If that is not what you mean, please describe it again and we will be happy to help you.

As for the contact form if you go to our user page with this link https://themeforest.net/user/webd3m you will find a widget called “Email WebD3m” on the lower right. You can use this form to contact us anytime you want for help.

Hope this will help you.

I bought and i love it but it is not working properly in my site. I can’t customize and change the language. If you fix it i can use, if not i need refunds. Thanks for your effort.


Our plugin is translate-ready and has the .po and .mo language files in the /Langs/ folder.

To translate the plugin into your own language, First, you need to go to the wp-config.php file that’s located in the root WordPress folder and change the language here: define(‘WPLANG’, ’’);

Use the prefix for your own language, like for example en_EN for English. After changing it, you need to create the language mo and to files. You can copy/paste the english files and rename them to the same prefix you used in wp-config.php like en-EN.po and en-EN.mo. After that, download PoEdit and open the .po file with it. Click on “Update”

After that, you can start translating it. Once you’re done, click Save and upload the language files to your host and that’s all, you’re done.

Hope this will help you.

Best regards.


Arzu82 Purchased

I don’t unerstand why you ignore my messages. This plugin is not working on my theme properly and i need a refund.

Sorry sir we are not ignoring your message. We answered you before about what you need to do to customize the language to your needs.

I have purchased the simos plugin but the shapes are listed vertically and I cannot select a star, just selects a heart shape everytime and in black! Can you help solve this problem please.

If you don’t mind, would you please send us an email with your site information and we will be glad to help you. You can use the email form in our ThemeForest user page to send this email.

are you asking for my web site and if so how does this help you correct the problem unless I asllow you to have access to the WP backend?

We need you to give us the access to your site so we can diagnose the issue and fix it. Of course you can make a temporary account that we can use and remove it after we fix the problem.

Pre purchase question – is it possible ti do following: I have website with 5000 posts. And I want to make same criteria for each post for users to review. Do I need to add criteria to each post or can I make global criteria for all posts? Thanks!

Hello sir,

Sorry for the delay. As for your question you will need to add criteria for each post there is no feature to make global criteria.

We hope this answers your question.

Why I can’t change the Color from the Middle Section? It’s white font Color and grey Section Color. Not good for reading.