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WOW !! looks stunning yaar.

Thanks Santosh :)

Nice work. all the best :)

Thanks Mustafa. And Congrats for your 500+ recently ;)

cool dude ,thats hell lot of stuff….. but whats the point in that three layer button?

Each layer can be linked to a different link. i.e. three different links in same button. Generally useful in making box models for presentation purpose.

is there any solution for IE ? in IE Buttons Not looks good ):

Hi sastry,
IE does not render CSS3 properties like round corners, gradient, shadows etc. So, unfortunately, CSS3 Buttons won’t look as in modern browsers like FF, Chrome and Safari.

Can these by turned vertical as well as horizontal (for example, to use as pop-out vertical tabs)?

Hello rp,

I am not sure how you wish to use them on tabs, but you can style your tab buttons using the styles same as these buttons.


For Wordpress?

Hello Johseph77,

This is a static html/css template pack for CSS3 buttons. It will be required to copy CSS styles into your site or theme and use the button markup as inside HTML files.


If we purchase this is there a way to make the buttons go up and down rather than left or right?

We would like to be able to add some buttons to the left side of our site that go up and down rather than left to right.

Hello earthone,

Thank you for browsing the buttons. They are standalone in position and are not floated left or right. You can place them in any order as required. For example, placing each button on a new line will show them in top to bottom direction. Whereas placing them in same line with a space will show them as left to right.