Signup Php Portal

Signup Php Portal

Signup Php Portal is written in Php and using mysql for database. This Script is faily simple and using Social networking website for login. There are two type of Users can use this Portal. USER, CUSTOMER. User can manage whole websites and act as Admin of website. Where as Customer can access website like we do. Please read out for full


Features are describe here

Portal have cool features like User , Customer , Setting, Email Template, Custom Registration Fields.


Login and Register from front end and can access website.


can access Admin.


Admin also a User who can manage whole website.

Email Template

Email Template is used as email Template for email sending to customer. You can assign templare to Specific Events : Forgot Password Email, New Customer Registation. How to access Email Template. reffer to below Email Template.

Custom Fields

Custome fileds are another option to add new fileds to Registation page. You need to gather new information from customer during Registration than you can do with Custom Fields. New custom filed you created and assigned to Register page than those fields will show to Register page and information entered by customer will save. Later

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