Signer | Create Digital signatures and Sign PDF documents online

Signer | Create Digital signatures and Sign PDF documents online

Signer is a PHP system that allows users to create digital signatures, add text to PDF documents and sign PDF documents online. Signer allows users to manage files through a database file system and folders. Requesting signatures couldn’t be more easier since it’s just a matter of sending an email request via ‘Request sign’ feature.


  1. Create Electronic signatures
  2. Upload signatures
  3. Draw signatures
  4. Sign PDF files
  5. Add text to PDF files
  6. Request other non-users to sign documents via e-mail
  7. Request signatures for specific marked points
  8. Import files from dropbox
  9. Import files from google docs
  10. Valid self signed digital signature
  11. Guest signing, no need to create accounts each time
  12. Convert DOCX to PDF
  13. Add initials, date, company name, address and full name automatically
  14. Upload and manage template
  15. Fast processing speed
  16. Send automated reminder for late signing
  17. Real time signing request notifications
  18. Create files and folders (File system)
  19. Add teams
  20. Import and add customers
  21. Multi user
  22. Email and in-App notifications
  23. Document Chat
  24. Document history
  25. Rename and duplicate files
  26. Beautiful and responsive UI


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Mario Vegh – Quality Assurance

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