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Excellent addition to the main plugin, many thanks.

thanks for buying. hope more people would like it :) or else even development cost also will not be covered haha

Hi, I am testing this on a mobile device and the signature box does not appear and does not allow the user to enter signature – tested on an iphone 6 plus. I thought this was compatible with mobile devices?

Yes it certainly is compatible with mobile devices. on particularly iphone 6 i have tested again for you and can send screenshot as well.

hi, is this plugin support rtl? (hebrew)


well, i didn’t actually understand your question. its signature addon for arforms, you can sign in any language.

does this send a pdf of the document to the admin? how is the “signature” field being sent through email or seen on the admin side?


signature addon does not send document to admin. you need to have pdf addon with arforms to send data in pdf format to user and/or admin. signature field value will be sent through email as image and also will be seen on admin.


Hi, in a previous question you mentioned that the signature field value will be sent through email as an image. If you have the PDF addon, when the admin receives the form email will the image be in the PDF, or is it sent as a separate file (so you would receive both a PDF and a PNG)?

yes thats correct. signature would go as attachment and into pdf too if pdf addon is also present

Great add-on would love to have type to sign. Users Type their name and then it creates a signature for them. Any plans on adding this?


so far you are the first to request such feature. if more people will be interested in getting such facility then will definitely add this feature.


Is it possible to have multiple people sign one document? for example, if I need a document signed by two or more people and they are all in different locations? – also I wouldn’t mind having the type to sign option that BigRedBrandon mentioned. Thanks!


sorry but this thing is not possible in arforms, it would need lot of customisation even if you want to have custom work from us.

As, first person can fill the form anytime as it will be open but for second person or third person there must be some list of entries from which they can select which entry to sign and/or they can put some manual entry id in inputbox. so, it wont remain just form builder :)



Is there a problem having multiple instances of this signature field in a single form?

I need to signature fields for the user to sign in. At first, both signature fields displayed effortlessly but now, only one displays and nothing I do makes the second instance display.

well, no problem in multiple signature on same form.

kindly open support ticket if you are still facing issue.

I have PDF extension. The PDF only has a link to the signature. How can it be the actual image of the signature, not the link?

Hello? Slow support :(

Yes u can show signature itself instead of link. Just make sure u have latest version of arforms and signature addon.

Allow us a day to get back from vacation so we can assist you

does this work with armember?

No, Its addon for arforms plugin.


Hello, I’d like to know how can I see the preview/demo of this addon in the Front Office. Thank you

you can check demo

There in editor put signature field and open Preview and you will see exactly how it looks in frontend.


Your demo is not working.

Yes, sorry for delay. I am aware of it, We are upgrading our systems. so, we will set demo of signature addon in next few days.

Hey there, I was just checking and Chrome seems to have “Clear” vertically and all over the place versus Edge which shows “Clear” properly. Did you want to check that out?

yes sure, can you share some screenshot??

Hello, does someone know how to update from 1.1 to 1.3? I can’t use the normal WordPress updater, should I just upload the files to the sudirectory using FTP and replacing the existing ones? Thank you!

Yes thats exactly you u need to do it. just make sure you take backup before doing anything for safetly.

I’m sorry for the late reply. Thank you reputeinfosystems! :)

you are welcome :)