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Will this app executes with latest android studios..? Thanks,

Hey, it should work with Android Studio. However note it hasn’t been updated from android 4.4.

HI, I uploaded the files and give all permissions but I am getting the error of ‘MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128’ please click here

Hey, your server is missing MCRYPT PHP extension. Kindly refer to our documentation on how to install all requirements.

Hi, I setup my url in syncadapter.java file, but i didn’t syncronise my app with web admin, please see my listing and app url: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/80671532/app-debug.apk

Please revert your response

HI,can I get cpanel details for the car dealer admin panel?Thanks

Login details should be available on the demo page. Kindly send a direct message if you need more assistance.

is this need domain and hosting ?

Yes. The admin back-end will require domain and hosting.

Hi, I cannot seem to find how the API yeilds Feature details from each listing… I would expect the listing to contain reference to one or more features like it does colors, make, model etc… How do you determine what each listing has?

Also – is there a front end available for this?

On API and listing features; Yes it does. For each vehicle, features are listed alongside make, model color etc. On front-end; We only provide the app and API back-end at this stage.


How can i add more dealerships?

And i launched main activity. The app didn’t start on the emulator. The emulator just powered on.

On dealerships, this app is designed to be used by single dealership. Modification can be done for your requirements.

I want to sell used motorcycle using this app, but i want need to be multi dealerships, how much doest it cost, brother?

Hey, it will need modification. Please see email.

Yes, do you have estimation? send me some email to kalkun.org at gmail.com

Hello helpme please, i return HTTP ERROR 500 when /install…

solved thanks

Hello, images not show in app :S

hey, i want to buy your app, does this include api authorization?

Hey , 1: i used this link for backend http://dealer.elantsys.com/ this is not allowing me to ad new listing , i can not add multiple images . is there any updated url for test so i can use that ?? 2: is there any front end . like we can display listing on front . ??